what is your nickname?

my name is tiana......my nicknames are:

Tia, T.T, Pebbles, and TJ [ my middle name is jane ]

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    J-rod (like the baseball players...k-rod...a-rod)

    steam roller (i used to hockey check kids...in soccer)

    Rhyno (football nickname...I liked to spear-tackle people...plus i tried to spike my hair one day at school and the front spikes clumped together to form a near "horn"..so rhyno stuck

    JBC (junior bacon cheeseburger) on the rugby team i ate 10 JBC's in 1 sitting...a team record)

    Splits (rugby team nickname) i slipped in the rain and fell into a split during rugby practice

    Partyshoes (rugby) i had bright red cleats to practice which i still own

    ba2 (big al 2) i looked a lot like a rugby alumni who was nicknamed big al

    the poet (yet another rugby nickname...i used to write poems or random musings on facebook rants

    and my favorite

    JBCizzle (a cool version of jbc)

    i get new nicknames nearly every day

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    Not only being the Pilot In Command, but the oldest of the crew, they call me Pappy (when no one else is around). I also have the nicknames of Bobby, Pop Pop, Vovo,Thunder (when I flew a jet interceptor) and Old Man.

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    MacGuyver- because apparently i can pull stuff together out of thin air, and i can bs my way through slmost anything lol...

    (MacGuyver was a detective show- think Walker Texas Ranger with a mullet and some rubber bands!)

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    nickname - invented call: an invented call for someone or some thing, used humorously or affectionately rather of the authentic call and in lots of cases in accordance with a conspicuous function of the guy or ingredient in touch - short call: a shortened or altered type of a recognition, e.g. "Billy" for "William" or "Peggy" for... Translations for "nickname" English-Italian* Translations for "nickname" English-German* Translations for "nickname" English-Spanish*

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    Chomp! Chomp!

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    Kimie, Kim

  • kimathy, kimber, Kimmy, kimmykat, smiley, Kim-bob-way, Bob, Ethel, Squeak

    i have more nicknames for all of my friends like coverstone, cc or cough cough, ace, stuco kid, drama friend's best friend, Valesco, Schredder, and lots more that i can't think of at the moment

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    Lexi, Lex and sometimes Alex.

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