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Does the Army wear bullet-proof vests?

Does the US armed forces wear bullet proof vests or anything like it? What exactly do they wear overseas or Iraq?

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    Intelligent soldiers, like intelligent policemen, do.

    As others noted, the vests are not bullet proof, but resistant, and stop most indirect fire. It doesn't protect the arms and legs, and even with a helmet, the face is still open. Still, a vest makes it a lot more difficult for someone to kill you and they are known to save lives.

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    Army Vests

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    Does the Army wear bullet-proof vests?

    Does the US armed forces wear bullet proof vests or anything like it? What exactly do they wear overseas or Iraq?

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    While in a combat zone on patrol we wear ballistic protection--bullet proof vests, as well as other gear. They're constantly improving the durability of it and the size of the calibre rounds it can withstand, and I'm not entirely sure whether it's supposed to be classified or not--so I won't go into great detail about it. I will say that it's heavy, and is not fun to wear in 135 degree heat.

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    My dad is a leutinate (sp?) Colonal in the US Army. All the pictures I've seen from Iraq, he is in a desert camo, with helmets, sun vizors, their and then other extra stuff that adds 10 pounds.

    My dad said that majority of the troops would wear bullet proof vests. expecially when they are in the cities and near the front lines.

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    The standard armored vests we wear in combat zones is the IBA, or Interceptor Ballistic Armor vest (most troops simply call it the "IBA"). It's a tough vest made from shrapnel-resistant material, consisting of several layers, and includes special inserts for stopping bullet rounds up to a certain caliber. It will not stop all bullets or calibers, but most small-arms fire and shrapnel from explosions that most troops will encounter... yes, it protects them from that. The IBA alone is responsible for saving many, many lives already; and although it's cumbersome to wear in heat up in the 130's, it's worth it. It's amongst the standard gear you're required to wear anytime you set foot outside the wire while in a combat zone, along with your Kevlar (helmet), your weapon, and any other standard protective gear identified in your unit's SOP (standard operating procedures) for convoys and other outside-the-wire activity.

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    There is worn some form of ballistic armor. However, bullet PROOF is misleading. No vest that I know of will stop a .50 caliber armor piercing round. So bullet RESISTANT is more accurate.

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    In a combat zone, body armor (not "bullet-proof vests") is highly recommended. Not always required, but very highly recommended.

    The use of body armor has dramatically reduced the number and severity of injuries. Imagine what the death rate would have been like without the body armor . . .

    Source(s): Retired lieutenant colonel, U.S. Army
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    Yes, they were the IBA or Interceptor Body Armor. Its heavy but gets the job done. The IBA can take a direct hit from an AK47 (7.62x39) to the plates with minimal injury to the soldier.

  • Yes they wear it when there on front lines or near the cities. This causes them to save millions of lifes a year.

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