car idle jerking problem?

My 2001 Mazda 626 V6 47,000mi, has had a problem only when in idle like at a stop light. Periodically you can feel a jerk from the engine, almost like the car is burpung or hiccuping, but no noise. Check engine light is not on. I put fuel injector cleaner in it, it seemed to help a little, but not completely. Today I took it to the shop. They said that a fuel pressure hose was off line, so they fixed it, but I still feel the problem, not very often, and not as bad though. What else could be going on? Is this something that I could just ignore, or could it become serious over time?

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    It's best if it does get more serious and happens much more often. Then a technician will be able to diagnose it easier. It could be an engine misfire which can be caused by many different things including the ignition, emissions and fuel injection systems. Even the engine itself could be developing a mechanical problem, but that is much less likely. Just keep driving and keeping the vehicle maintained to Mazda's maintenance schedule in your owner's manual. You might want to have new spark plug wires installed at some point in case it's an ignition misfire.

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    your fuel pressure line has a hole in it. the shop probably didn't say anything because of all the work it is replacing it.

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