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Serious serious question! i need some advice?

should i get involved?


mind my own business?

this has been weighing on my mind all night, i think it's why i woke up with such a bad headache! i was answering some serious questions here last night, and some were really getting to me, so i went to 360. i'm afraid this person will seriously hurt him/her self, if they already haven't! will all the info we provide to open our accts, can yahoo check out the location of this person, and possibly send help? should i at least report to them the contents of the 360, and samples of the questions being asked? i'm really concerned! if this were my child, i would want to know!

thanks for answering.............................................xx's to all!


thanks to all! am, if i didn't have to wait so long on hold.........lol

hate elevator music!

baby lep..why the name change? just curious!


Update 2:

thanks Elvy, too late already involved!


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    Whether you know this person or not, is not the important thing. Trying to help is what is important. Sometimes, it does make a difference to say something... even to Yahoo. Yahoo may be able to track the person. They have a good chance of it.

    I would at least try. Just because they are on here and not your daily life, doesn't mean they aren't real.

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    That's a tough call because so many people yank your chain here to often to take it serious in my opinion but I did not see what you did maybe it's an extreme case where it's better safe than sorry and the problem there is yahoo won''t care so it would be a matter where you would have to call you local police. If you need to do this I hope you end up helping someone and not having an *ss made of yourself.

  • I went through similar when i was in a group of chatters, and a lady was so suicidal, we were all very concerned for her, one person actually got her IP adress because it was really worrying, but after getting involved with all the rigmarole of identifying her, it was just a sad hoax..........and the person for getting her IP addy got in serious trouble over trying to help someone.......x

    Just take care.....x

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    i have elevator music as well! who ever thought of having that play in the back round while your on hold for god knows how long is beyond me! You feel strongly about this, so fallow your gut instinct and do what you can, hopefully you get somewhere and have a positive outcome, but don't beat yourself over it either, you tried and your hear is in the right place...so good luck with it...and have a good one! :)

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  • hmmmm, well it seems as if you dont know this person in real life so dont waste your time. Yahoo will do nothing about it, they really can't. You never know either if the person your talking to really is who they say they are, aren't just messing around for attention, or just trying to play you. I'd leave it be.

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    If you're that concerned....then you should check with Yahoo to see if they can do anything......I'm guessing they can't.....but at least you tried.....

    Good luck honey!

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    Hi babe....well i would say give it a try...you can only try.....give it your best shot babe.....i dont blame you for wanting to help.....xx

    Source(s): love baby lep..xx
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    you should do whatever you can to help, then you'll feel like you at least tried to do something....good luck!

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