cheerleading/dance competition costume advice?

okay so theres like a big state festival and my cheerleading squad is taking part in the competition. we're english so cheerleading is a bit different from the conventional american view of cheerleading. anyways, theres another squad in the competition and they're all like tight little cheers and ribbons and blah and because its like an urban rock emo scene in our town, we thought we should maybe do like edgy outfits. smudged makeup neon tutu's and ripped fishnets, back combed hair that sorta thing. because like we think we'll get more support than being like rara and cutesy like the other squad (whos full of bimbos lol!) and if you've been watching britians got talent then you'll know what i mean when i say some of our moves and certainly the music is like the kinda robotic thing Flava and Nemesis do.

so i know its a bit of an essay lol but do you think the ideas for costume would be good and can you think of any other things we could wear/ accesorize with?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 10PTS??


yeah!! omg thats just what its like because the start of the routine is like a piss take and we all start doing high school musical, then we fall to the floor as the music crashes and theres like an evil laugh and we start the real stuff lol

Update 2:

our moves are still all clean and tight yeah but we just wanna show people that cheerleaders arent all skanks in short skirts yelling lets go! coz thats what people think in our area lol.

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    that is genius! god, i was thinking thats exactly what you should wear at the word 'ribbons'. Go for a neon look with tutus and arm-warmers. get neon hair accessories/wash-out dye from claires and rock ties are good to. You could do ribbons but have them as shoelaces in your hair that are neon (buy from claires or river island) Converse are good.Music sounds excellent. if you can't buy arm-warmers get an old pair of tights and put the legs on your arms then cut thumb and finger holes - my sis did it for a moulin rouge dance. you could start with like 3 cheer leaders takin the piss lookin cutesy then the rest come on rocky and invade and do part of the cheer without them while they get changed then they come back and join in?

    just a thought, and i like your idea - its brilliant! (like that rocky girl in 'the ice princess' she does what you're doin but on ice - check her out, she has great style)

    go with blacks neons and a lil dark purple.

    hope i helped =] plz give me bst answer! =]

    12 yr old, chelmsford, essex, UK xxx

    Source(s): girl who knows whats hot and whats not! also punk/rave/emo/ gurl
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    i know this is answering the question but i didn't have Anoth character's to post the video so here it is

    Youtube thumbnail

    BTW your idea is amazing! if your from England you should go to Camden market (o any other Gothic place) and they do mini tutus in bight greens and stuff along with other Gothic stuff (BTW there NOT the ones in my video ;) ) also you could go to a cheap market and they normally have brightly coloured leggins and footloose tights for about £1.50 and Ive seen in primark they have brightly coloured leggins !!! good luck and please can you some how tell me what you think of me doing cheerleading from the BTW its not my best and i don't normally do sports-acro sooo

    Source(s): I'm the one in the orange skrt!:D and if you comment it on youtube please do it on this usrs profile georgiamarie94 nott the staaceyyllff 1 taah x
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    Idk, because it's cheerleading you may want to be a little bit cleaner and crisper. I love the whole neon thing though.

    Instead of ripped fishnets you could use brightly colored leggings. I know at macy's they have hot pink and purple. They're really cute. Hope this helps!

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    ok well im doing a dance and the costume theme is punk rock scene street type thing so i just took really bright jewelry a bright orange top and bright yellow short shorts with black rippid fish nets and black half gloves with really dark make up and converse

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