is anyone know a good school for medical billing course in queens or nassau county?

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    Hello Shoni2689,

    I have been in several different healthcare fields since I started working but I finally settled down in the medical coding/billing industry because it fits my interests and personality. Not to mention that the field is wide open for those that take the time to continually educate themselves on the ever changing rules, regulations and processes. Finally the money is good and it only gets better over time regardless of where in the United States you may live or move.

    Medical billing is not hard to learn at all. Once you understand the path a medical claim takes, how to correctly fill out the different types of medical claims (line-by-line, box-by-box) and how to correctly batch and submit those claims (via mail or electronically) the process will become second nature.

    Medical Coding is where you should really be setting your focus right now. Nationally Certified Coders are paid substantially more, they a considered a specialized profession and they are very much in demand within hospitals, large clinics, large group practices and insurance companies. Coding is way more technical to learn than medical billing because you have to become a stickler for detail when looking though a patients file, a private eye when looking for the correct codes to use to make sure the physician gets paid as much money as he can for the services he rendered, a janitor to keep the mess to a minimum during the month to ensure that your physicians bottom line continues to rise, a hound dog to make certain that nothing that you have already done during the month slips through the cracks, a police man to keep the insurance companies in line when they try to cheat you and your physicians out of the monies you rightfully deserve. There are so many things you will become being a medical coder and that is what makes this profession well worth getting into whether today, the next 5 years or a decade from now.

    When I used to live in NY I did a lot of research on schools and while I thought the best education I would find would be in Manhattan I was greatly mistaken. I ended up taking and completing (within 1 ½ years on a part time basis) the entire course as well as pre testing courses, taking and passing on the first attempt the National Certification Exam for both the AAPC and AHIMA and was given the opportunity to work for one of the most recognized Caner Treatment Facilities in the nation because I went to this school in Queens. The price I paid for my education was very, very inexpensive; the classrooms are very small so you get the one-on-one attention you need and the owner used to be the head of the Queens Chapter of the AAPC so as long as you focus you will become a very valuable commodity to any physician or practice that you work for. Here is there contact information:

    Roxbury Institute For Med Management - 17520 Wexford Terrace, Jamaica, NY 11432 - (718) 297-9885

    Owners: Frank and Mary

    I wish you the best of luck,


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