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Brother Printer Help?

I recently just purchased a brother printer.

When i print something a 1 inch black line apears in the centre of the page?

Could someone tell me the solution to this problem?

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    Hi I have the exact same problem- I got the printer around Christmas time and since then have used it to print maybe a few dozen pages, max. All of a sudden the thick black line started happening. Someone suggested it may be a printer cartridge issue. I'm going to call Brother to ask them- stay tuned.

    Ok I just got off the phone with them- spoke to them twice. The first go-round they had me remove the toner/drum unit (the two pieces that connect together inside the front flap- it's black on top and gray on bottom) and they told me to swab around the inside of the printer with a rag. I did this then test printed and it did nothing to help, still the same black line. They then said they would send me a new printer, or I could go to the service center (there were several they mentioned in walking distance of my home in downtown Chicago). I figured going to the center would be faster so I called there and they told me candidly to just have a new printer sent- that at the service center they have to request parts from the manufacturer etc and this can take awhile. So I then called Brother again- while I was on the phone this time I took the drum unit/toner out again but this time I took the two pieces apart (she was asking for one of the serial numbers on the drum). Eureka- I saw the problem. On the drum unit (the gray bottom part) there is a glass(?) cylinder in back. In the middle of the cylinder I saw...a 1 inch thick black line! I wiped this off with my rag, and test printed. There is still some black spotting but it's very minimal and as I only use this for my own personal use, I don't mind. It could probably be removed entirely by wiping down that back area of the drum unit thoroughly. NOTE- the wiping down process is messy, so I suggest you do it somewhere you don't mind having black powder coming out (I learned this the hard way). Also, be aware that the warranty on the drum unit/toner is just 90 days so if you're beyond that they will only send you a new machine (just the shell of the printer) which in this case I don't think will help solve the problem. Finally- they won't touch the machine if you have a non-Brother cartridge in it. Hope this helps, good luck!

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    1.Clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit.

    2.Make sure the primary corona wire cleaner is at the home position.

    3.The toner cartridge may be damaged. Put in a new toner cartridge.

    4.The drum unit may be damaged. Put in a new drum unit.

    5.The fuser unit may be smudged. Call your dealer or Brother Customer Service.

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    If laser, look for a damaged drum or toner cartridge. Both will cause that problem.

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