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MSN?!?!? Help please!??

When was MSN founded? Where are the headquarters for MSN?

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    MSN stands for Microsoft Network first created at the end of 80's start of 90's as a private Network between company's employes.

    It never meant to be a social network at first place.

    Later at 1995 when Microsoft bought hotmail, had the idea to establish Internet services for all users who using MSN they could withthe help of the hotmail to receive and watch their e-mails from everywhere.

    Hotmail allowed users to redirect up to 3 POP3 e-mail accounts to their hotmail account

    Microsoft hopped that hotmail would become an important part of MSN, and that would be a blaster for MSN and Internet services Microsoft wanted to porovide.

    She thought she could get a piece of the pie called Internet services, but with AT&T in USA had the monopoly of telephone lines that couldn't possible.

    So things went wrong.

    MSN never had the blast Microsoft hopped, never used as an Internet provider, and we come these days to have 3 different programs, all included in an MSN package.

    A light browser (MSN browser), a web e-mail (hotmail), a messenger .

    And now as MSN we call anything arround Microsoft owned by Microsoft.

    And MSN is what meant to be in first place ,a private network, or a network between companies and services Microsoft own and provide open to the public.

    HJave a nice day.

    MSN headquarters

    1 Microsoft Way

    Redmond, WA 98052 (Map)

    Phone: 425-882-8080

    Fax: 425-706-7329

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