Just out of curiosity how is seafood gumbo supposed to...?

taste? I have tried a few and the one I recently bought at a restruant came out really salty. It has a lot of seafood in it, but at the same time there is no seperation of flavor it's all mudy and it has this crockpot taste to it. Meaning one flavor. I know there can be many different ways you can make it, but is that the way it's suposed to taste?

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  • hiba
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    1 decade ago
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    This is a hard one. I don't know what you mean by crockpot taste. but gumbo can be more watery looking than some others. Seafood gumbo tastes like the seafood you add to it. Sausage and chicken with have a chicken soup flavor with a smokey taste from the sausage. If gumbo is made with alot of roux, then it has more roux flavor. Just depends on how much seasoning(celery,garlic,bell pepper), you include in it Gumbo made with ducks or wild game will taste completely different from the others I mentioned..The more ingredients thats added the more it will have that ingredients taste,, Like crab meat, crayfish or oysters.

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