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Safety issue for solo traveller in Paris

I am going to Paris in June for the first time (alone / female in 20s)

I dont speak french at all

apart from not to travel late at night and in streets with few ppl

are there any particular 'dangerous zone / areas' or traps i need to pay attention?

it's very worrying becos a friend of mine went to an exchange programme last year in Paris for 4 months and he was robbed (at night alone , at ATM machine near Av. des Champs elysees)

is there any tips that can 'make me look more local / less-tourist-like'

so as to avoid being targetted ???



oh my god ... i booked my hostel very close to Gare du Nord station .....

anyway thanks

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    Withdrawing money alone at night, even in HK, it will be a dangerous action, how your friend will do it in Paris??? It's an exception case and doesn't mean Chamys-Elysees at night is dangerous. I spent a year in Paris, I haven't had any bad experience of robbery or pickpockets

    Anyway, Paris is not as horrible as you think. But it's true that you should bear in mind that "wealth cannot show to others".

    Estimate the spending for single day in hotel / hostel, then put money in the wallet. For other money, please put it in a small bag and store near your body.

    Avoid carrying those branded goods, e.g. LV and Gucci

    Avoid visiting 18eme district, Les Halles and Gare du Nord area at night.

    After using wallet or camera, please put it back to its proper place !!

    Dress simple, not too sexy or stylish will help you to divert people's attention.

    You don't need to "act" to be a local people. Because of your yellow skin and black hair, everyone will know you are a visitor !! If you want to be "less-tourist-like", please don't always read map or tourist guide on the street, you can do it in restuarant, cafe or even in hostel.

    Just walking straightly, no need to think all thiefs target to you. I believe many mainland Chinese is richer than you in Paris.

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    If your hostel is near Gare du Nord, when you go back, please walking along the main road and don't go back too late, around 10pm should be OK

    Source(s): Living in Paris for a year before + Personal travel experience
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    i walked for 5 hours straight after 12am with a friend across Paris (the underground was closed and we didn't want to take a taxi and didn't know the buses)

    nothing happened to us.

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