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Phil Collins的everyday 中英文歌詞

請問有誰可以提供Phil Collins的everyday這首歌的中英文歌詞,謝謝 !

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    哈囉你好!希望我的回答對你有一點點幫助:)Everyday --Phil CollinsI got lost, couldn't find my way

    我迷失了,找不到自己的路,And I guess there's nothing more to say

    而我猜現在已無話可說。Love can make you blind, make you act so strange

    愛情使你盲目,使你行徑古怪,But I'm here and here I will stay


    So everyday I cry (everday...)

    所以我每天哭泣,Yes everyday I fall (everyday...)

    是的,我每天墮落。Do you ever wonder why

    你是否納悶過why I love everything about you


    But everyday I say I'll try

    但是,我每天都試著to make my heart be still

    讓自己心如止水'til then every way there is to cry

    爲了做到這點,ourselves to sleep we will


    It picked me up, knocked me off my feet

    愛情使我升華,使我神魂顛倒,I've got no way to explain

    我沒有辦法解釋, Still I love you, love you, love you but this fire inside

    我仍舊愛你,愛你,愛你,但是在我內心燃燒的火焰,Will never see the light of day


    So everyday goes by (everday...)

    因此,日子逐漸流逝, And everyday I fall (everyday...)

    而我每天墮落。It makes me wonder why,

    這使我納悶爲什麼My life's worth nothing without you


    You'll never know, no, no, no, no, no

    你永遠不會知道,不會、不會、不會、不會、不會You'll never know just how close we were

    你永遠不會知道我們有多麼接近You'll never know, no, no, no, no, no

    你永遠不會知道,不會、不會、不會、不會、不會You'll never know

    你永遠不會知道。No you'll never see


    The book closes and we try to forget

    劇碼結束,而我們試著忘記,But I know that things won't change

    但是我知道一切都不會變。How we feel, how life goes on

    我們的感受如何,我們的生活要如何繼續,And that seems so strange


    And so the light fades away (everyday...)

    然後光線逐漸消逝,Try, try, try as I may (everyday...)

    我試了又試,I can't stop thinking about you

    卻無法停止想起你,It seems my life's worth nothing without you


    Everyday, everyday you know I try so hard

    日復一日,你知道我有多麼地努力, Everyday, everyday it gets a little harder


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