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琬淳 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


yeah yeah yeahs是我的最愛


Yeah Yeah Yeahs是來自紐約的一個三人樂隊,其成員分別是Karen O(主唱),Brian Chase(鼓手),Nick Zinner(吉他手)。成立18個月後,他們在全美就成爲廣受評論的一個樂隊了。有了White Stripes和The Strokes的全力支援,樂隊在早期紐約的演出場場爆滿,春季的歐洲演出也有很高的上座率。在Jon Spencer Blues Explosion歐洲巡演中,Yeah Yeah Yeahs有幸做了開場表演,在隨後的一個星期中,他們又開展了一系列表演,贏得了廣泛的注目。


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  • 1 decade ago
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    yeah yeah yeahs is my favourite.

    I saw their video at my friend's blog by chance. Then, I realised that

    their music is congenial to my appreciation of the music. Also, the

    female vocalist is peculiar and has singular beauty. From then

    onwards, I seemed to be crazed for them.

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs is a band from New York. It's members are Karen O(vocalst),Brian Chase(drummer)and Nick Zinner(guiarist).The forming of the band took 18 months and they soon became the most popular band in the whole of America. With the support of White Stripes and The Strokes, the band's performance in early New York is crowdedly-packed with people. They also won over the audience at the performance in Europe during the season of spring. In Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's barnstorming, Yeah Yeah Yeahs was lucky to be the very first one to perform and in the following week, they started their series of performance and draw the attention of the crowds.

    I believe that music can heel the wounds of the soul as well as to relief

    the stress. People can vent their angst via listening to music. I love

    Rock and Roll.

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