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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

中翻英~普通肌膚/ 特徵:皮脂適度地分泌, ........


特徵:皮脂適度地分泌, 水份多且肌膚平衡穩定, 只有少部分脫妝, 或是經過相當長的時間後才稍微脫妝, 洗完臉後沒有什麼緊繃感, 除了冬天外眼角, 嘴角也不會特別乾燥, 肌理比較細緻


換了化妝品肌膚也不會特別感到刺激感, 因為肌膚原本就有基本的保水平衡所以有保養就看的到效果, 例如肌膚容易有透明感, 或是黑斑, 皺紋也比較快好, 肌膚的天然防禦機能也比較好, 環境或是身體的變化並不會對肌膚有很大的影響


平常肌膚狀況太好就容易疏失沒做好保養工作兒有可能變成乾燥肌膚, 或是太心急而過度使用保養品導致肌膚平衡失調

保養重點: 維持現今的狀況就要因應氣候及身體狀況來保養, 要小心不要讓肌膚的變化差異越來越大

建議: 要維持良好的肌膚狀態, 切記勿偏食或是暴飲暴食, 多攝取容易攝取缺乏的蛋白質, 維他命和礦物質(特別是鈣), 並保持規律的生活, 睡眠習慣

ps. 請勿使用翻譯機, 謝謝!

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    Ordinary skin

    characteristic: Sebaceous secrete appropriate, moisture content many and skin balanced stability, only little to take off and make up partly, or take off and make up after quite a long time, there is no tight sense after finishing washing the face, the canthus besides winter, the corner of the mouth will not be very dry either, the skin texture is more careful

    < Advantage >

    Change cosmetics skin can feel excitement especially too, because skin have protecting horizontal weighing apparatus have result of reaching watched to maintain basic originally, for example the skin is apt to have transparent senses, or black spot, the wrinkle will be soon better, natural defence machine of skin can too good, environment or change of health can have very big influence on skin

    < Shortcoming >

    The skin state is very good it may be turned into a dry skin that the easy careless mistake has not done the work of maintaining well usually, whether too impatient and excessive to use the skin care products to cause the skin balance to lack proper care

    Maintain the focal point: The state of keeping now should be because of maintaining in conformity with the climate and health just, let the change difference of the skin be bigger and bigger carefully

    is proposed: Should maintain the good skin state, it is not partial to a limited variety of food and eating and drink immoderately to make sure to keep in mind, absorb more proteins easy to absorb and lack, vitamin and mineral substance (especially calcium) ,Keep the life of the law, sleep habit

    Source(s): me**希望對你有幫助喔^^
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