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請英文高手幫幫忙! 在國外購物網站遇到問題~

我在Ed Hardy刷了卡,




Thank you for placing your order with Ed Hardy Online. Your order has been flagged within our security system, most likely as a result of an address discrepancy and the credit card not matching the billing address. Therefore we are contacting you in order to reconfirm your credit card number and expiration date within our system. We are requesting that you send us a copy of your credit card (front and back), as well as a valid photo ID, once this is received we will use that to verify the address associated with your credit card. Please note that you may black out the majority of the card number (excluding the last four digits). Once this has been confirmed the order will be shipped out. Please note that this confirmation is for the security of our company, and more importantly our valued customers, especially with regard to the increased levels of credit card fraud and identity theft over the internet. Thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter and have a great day!






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    你可以直接回覆他們的這封眉兒,或是找到customer service的眉兒地址,然後寫說﹕

    Dear Customer Service (如果直接回覆這封信,就 Hi there),

    I received the email from you requiring some information of the credit card I used for submitting this order, however, I just found this order was placed with a mistake. So could you please cancel this order and send me a cancellation comfirmation or just simply reply to me with a word. I do apologize for any inconveniences caused by this request and appreciate your understanding and assistance. Best regards, XXX(你的名字) 日期 (5/31/08)

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    Best regards,


    日期 (5/31/08)

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    妳好 請問 國外購物網站 網址是?


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