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Tell Me some cool abbreviations/WoW language/acronyms/gamer slang/txt words?

Examples: n00b ftw! w00t!

I know the basic ones but what are some new ones?

Please no inappropriate ones, language not accepted.

[If you could tell what they stand for that would be great, as well as what context they are used in]

Thanks a bunch,

-Robot #1

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    pron (XD)







    Some more I just found on a site XD

    224 --- "today, tomorrow, forever"

    2B - "to be"

    2B||!2B -- "to be or not to be"; from the C Programming Language logic operation 'OR'("||") and 'NOT'("!").

    2TM --- "to the max"

    4 - "for"

    4ever --- "forever"

    ACK --- "acknowledged"; used frequently in discussion boards, tech-speak

    AFAIC --- "as far as I'm concerned", or "as far as I care", or "as far as I can..."

    AFAICS --- "as far as I can see"

    AFAICT --- "as far as I can tell"

    AFAIK --- "as far as I know"

    AFAIR --- "as far as I recall", or "as far as I remember"

    AFC --- "away from computer"

    AFK --- "away from keyboard"

    AICMFP -- "and I claim my five pounds"

    AIUI --- "as I understand it"

    AKA --- "also known as"

    ASAP --- "as soon as possible"

    ASL --- "age, sex, location"; used to request general info about a fellow user. Also used as an introductory phrase, usually when that info is expected up-front.

    ATM --- "at the moment"

    B2B --- "business to business"; ecommerce used by businesses to interact with other businesses.

    B4 --- "before"

    B4N - "bye for now"

    BBL --- "be back later"

    BBS --- "be back soon", or "bulletin board system/service"

    BC, b/c --- "because"

    bf --- "boyfriend"

    BFD --- "big ******* deal"

    BFN --- "bye for now"

    BRB --- "be right back"

    BTW --- "by the way"

    BW --- "bandwidth"

    b/t --- "between"

    CID --- "consider it done"

    cu --- "see you"; used as a goodbye, commonly together with l8r, as in cul8r. See "cya".

    CSL --- "can't stop laughing"

    CWOT --- "complete waste of time";

    cya --- "see you"; used as a goodbye (see "cu"). Also, "check(ing) your ***", as in taking some precautionary measure just for safety's sake.

    CYS --- "check your settings"; a phrase often said by technical support staff of a certain Australian ISP.

    C&V --- "chapter & verse"; used in newsgroups.

    C|N>K --- "coffee through nose into keyboard"; a Unix-ism meaning, involving the Unix command line pipe (|) and redirect (>) characters.

    DC'd --- "disconnected"

    DGT --- "don't go there"

    DL, d/l --- "download"; receiving data from a remote host. Usually functions as a noun or verb. Can sometimes mean "down-low", as taken from real-life usage.

    DMY --- "don't mess yourself"; from an episode of The Simpsons.

    DON --- "Denial-of-Normal"; Originally used on Slashdot (

    DoS --- "Denial-of-Service"; a malicious attack on a computer system.

    dun --- "don't"; commonly used by Singaporeans.

    dunno --- "(I) don't know"

    EG --- "evil grin", normally written *EG* or <EG> to separate it from the surrounding text.

    EIL --- "explode into laughter"

    EOM --- "end of message"

    EQ --- Everquest, a popular MMPORPG

    FAQ --- (formal) "Frequently Asked Question"

    FE --- "fatal error"

    FFS --- "for ****'s sake!"

    FP --- "first post"; Originally used on Slashdot

    FUD --- "fear, uncertainty and doubt"; purposeful spread of misinformation.

    frag --- To kill or tear to pieces. Its origin comes from fragmentation.

    FO --- "**** off!"

    FOAD --- "**** off and die!"

    FOAF --- "friend of a friend"; the dubious attribution given to urban legends

    FTF or F2F --- "face to face"; referring to a meeting in the real world, not online. In role-playing terms, it is the offline predecessor to MMPORPGs and MUDs.

    FTP --- "File Transfer Protocol"

    FTTB --- "for the time being"

    FU --- "**** you"

    FWIW --- "For what it's worth"

    FXP --- "File eXchange Protocol"

    FYI --- "for your information"

    G --- "grin", normally written *G* or <G> to separate it from the surrounding text

    G2G, GTG --- "got to go", also "good to go"; popularized in MMORPGs and MUDs.

    G4Y, GFY --- "good for you", or "go **** yourself"; the use of this acronym is ambiguous and not recommended.

    GAGF --- "go and get ******"

    GAL --- "get a life"

    gf --- "girl friend"

    GG --- "good going" or "good game"; used sincerely in competitive and cooperative online games, or used sarcastically when someone has done something foolish. Also "genuine girl", used on chat sites to indicate that the user is female, rather than simply pretending to be.

    GL --- "good luck"

    GMTA --- "great minds think alike"

    GJ --- "good job"

    Gr8 --- "great", sometimes spelled gre8t even though it doesn't make the word any shorter.

    GTH --- "go to hell"

    GW --- "good work", often used sarcastically.

    H8 --- "hate", or 'H1' to 'H9' to indicate how much a person hates something.

    HAND --- "have a nice day"

    HB --- "hurry back"

    HF --- "have fun"

    H/O --- "hold on"

    HTH --- "hope this (or that) helps"

    IANAL --- "I am not a lawyer"; usually used before a non-lawyer gives legal advice, as a humorous disclaimer.

    IANARS --- "I am not a rocket scientist"

    IC --- "I see", also "in character" in MMORPG or MUD settings.

    ICYDK / ICYDN / ICUDK -- "in case you didn't know"

    IDK --- "I don't know"

    ID10T --- "idiot"; generally pronounced eye-dee-ten-tee, its meaning is not obvious until viewed in written form. Example: "We've got an ID10T error!"

    IIRC --- "if I recall correctly"

    IIUC --- "if I understand correctly"

    IM --- "instant message", can be used as a noun ("Send an IM") or a verb ("I'll IM him"). Past tense is "IM'd" or "IMed".

    IMO --- "in my opinion"

    IMHO --- "in my humble opinion", or "in my honest opinion"

    IMNSHO --- "in my not so humble opinion"

    INMP --- "it's not my problem"

    INTPFPOTM --- "I nominate this post for post of the month"; incredibly obscure.

    IOH --- "I'm outta here"

    IOW --- "in other words"

    IRC --- "Internet Relay Chat"

    IRL - "in real life"; often used in online games to refer to life outside of the game, see RL.

    IRT --- "in reply to"

    ISTR --- "I seem to recall"

    IYDMMA --- "if you don't mind me asking"

    JJ --- "just joking"

    JK, J/K --- "just kidding"

    JOOC --- "just out of curiosity"

    K --- "OK"

    KISS --- "keep it simple stupid"

    L8 --- "late"

    L8R --- "later"; as in "see you later", often used together with CU, as in CUL8R.

    LD --- "link dead"; used in online games when a user has been disconnected, but their persona or character remains in the game.

    LEET, L33T, 1337, 31337 --- "elite"

    LIGAS --- "like I give a ****"

    LMAO --- "laughing my *** off"

    LOL --- "laughing out loud", or "lots of laughs"; as a reply to something amusing. Also "lots of love" (not as common).

    Loxxen --- an altered form of LOL, with virtually the same meaning, but slightly enhanced.

    LTNS --- "long time no see"

    m8 --- "mate"; as in "buddy" or "pal", often used colloquially by "English" and "Australian" users and the like.

    MOTD --- "Message of the Day"

    MYOB --- "mind your own business"

    N/A --- "not applicable"

    NBD --- "no big deal"

    NI --- "no idea"

    NM or N/M --- "never mind" or "not much"

    NOYB --- "none of your business"

    NP --- "no problem"

    NSFW --- "not safe for work"; indicates that a link should be avoided due to pornography or other content unsuitable for the workplace. Used by Fark and some message boards. See also SFW.

    NT --- "no text"; used on Internet forums or Usenet to indicate that a post has no content. Also, "nice try"; used by gamers.

    NVM --- "never mind"

    --- "oh"

    oic --- "oh, I see"

    OMG --- Exclamation, "oh my God!"

    OMFG --- Exclamation, "oh my ******* God!"

    OMFL --- Exclamation, "oh my ******* lag!"

    OOC --- "out-of-character"; usually in MMORPG or MUD settings when a player isn't acting out his/her part. Also, "out of curiosity".

    OP --- Original Poster

    OT --- "off topic"

    OTOH --- "on the other hand"

    P2P --- "Peer-to(2)-Peer". Also "pay-to-play" for games with subscription fees like Everquest or Dark Age of Camelot.

    PEBKAC --- "Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair", referring to in human error. See PICNIC and ID10T.

    PFO --- "please **** off"

    PITA --- "pain in the ***"

    PICNIC --- "Problem In Chair, Not In Computer&quo

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    Tell Me some cool abbreviations/WoW language/acronyms/gamer slang/txt words?

    Examples: n00b ftw! w00t!

    I know the basic ones but what are some new ones?

    Please no inappropriate ones, language not accepted.

    [If you could tell what they stand for that would be great, as well as what context they are used in]

    Thanks a bunch,

    -Robot #1

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    lol- laugh out loud

    lmao- laugh my *** off

    brb- be right back

    afk- away from keyboard

    omw- on my way

    g2g- got to go

    gj- good job

    gd- good duel

    ftw- for the win

    omg- oh my god

    wb- welcome back

    lfg/lfm- looking for group/more

    wtb/wts- want to buy/sell

    bg- battle ground

    idk- i dont know

    ttyl- talk to you later

    wtf- what the f**k

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