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Is the jeep from the Indiana Jones in Disneyland (California) ride based on any real car?

All I have managed to find is that it is supposed to look like a Mercedes...

Does anybody have any inside links or abnormally good searching powers?

Thanks, Max.


Yes it is in the ride.

More like, what is a real - world car that resembles the Indiana Jones jeep the most.

If I wanted to buy one, what would I look for?

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    If you mean the one in the ride, it's like a stretched jeep, but it's like a World War II troop transport, according to Wikipedia as it's supposed to be set aourn dthen somewhere in the 30's I think..

    And a little trivia, if you're on about the one in the queueing area, it supposedly an actual one they used in one of the films.

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    It's definately a great ride, however, I do not believe that it is worth waiting in line over an hour to ride, because it is a really short ride (like all of the rides at Disneyland). The wait time for the ride can be up to 4 hours, and it is hot and really sticky feeling inside of the cave like line while you wait to get onto the ride. The best advice: ride it first thing in the morning when you arrive at the park, or get a free Fast Pass and ride it later, when you won't have to wait in line for such a long period of time.

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    the disney imagineers came up with that years ago. They started with a simple jeep, and decided to stretch it and make it look more like something you'd see in the jungle.

    It's pretty much all ideas.

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