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entertinamient of the 1920's?

what are some entertinament things that happend in the 1920;s

what changed from previous year?

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    The movies were probably the biggest source of entertainment in the 1920s. Most people went to the movies at least once a week, and people were fascinated by movie stars and their lives, there were lots of movie magazines, and people would spend a lot of time discussing their favourite stars and what they were doing. Stars like mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Tallulah Bankhead, Dorothy and Lilian Gish, and Rudolph Valentino, were idolised. In 1927, Al Jolson caused a sensation when he sang in the first ever talking movie "The jazz Singer".

    Music and dancing were popular, as they have always been, and in the 20s Jazz music became the most popular form of music. Musicans like Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, and Duke ellington rose to fame In 1920, Mamie Smith's "Crazy Blues" was selling 8,000 records a week, starting a craze for black female singers that lasted through the decade. Bessie Smith saved Columbia records in its infancy by selling 6 million records in six years. People danced to music played by bands like King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, which made thirty-seven records between march and November 1923. The new short skirts worn by women made it easy for them to dance the wild flapping dances of the twenties, like the Foxtrot, the Charleston and the Black Bottom.

    The less restricted clothing also made it easier for women to participate in sports, tennis, golf and swimming were all extremely popular in the twenties with both men and women. Sunbathing became popular for the first time, a tanned skin was no longer a sign that you were lower class and had to work in the fields, it meant that you had the leisure to enjoy an outdoor life and play sports.

    The 1920s was the decade when most American families acquired automobiles, and both men and women enjoyed driving. Flying aeroplanes was another popular activity in the twenties for those who could afford it. Flying circuses were popular, people would flock to watch male and female pilots perform amazing stunts, and to be taken for rides in the planes. Female flyers would dance the charleston on the wings of aeroplanes.

    At home, the radio was a new form of entertainement that became extremely popular in the 20s. People listened to music, news, plays, soap operas, comedy shows, and broadcasts of sporting events. By 1929, a third of all American households were listening to the radio, the vast majority every day.

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    Prohibition was from 1920-1933 and so there were clubs called speak easys that sold contraband liquor and offered bands and dancing and floor shows. On Broadway there elaborate shows like the Ziegfeld Follies. Movies were then talkies but color was not yet available until the beginning 30's. Vaudeville was alive and well then too and acts would play venues on a circuit, sometimes named after certain theatres, which for the most part were grand old places. The well to do belonged to clubs and socialized with their contemporaries. Often affluent families owned second homes at the beach or in the country and the family would spend the summers there with the father commuting to the office during the week and spending the weekends.

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