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What are the previews before the Prince Caspian movie? 10 points!?

Not the Prince Caspian trailers, but the previews before the movie in theaters. The first complete list gets 10 points.

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    Beverly hills chihuhua

    Wall e

    Kung Fu Panda

    City of Ember

    (in no particular order)


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    There's no correct answer to this. Movies only arrive at theaters with one trailer attached. The others are put there by the theater projectionist, so they tend to be different in every theater.

    In the case of "Prince Caspian," the only common trailer is "Wall-E."

    (The trailers shown in my theater were different than the ones listed by the other answerers.)

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    beverly hills cha.

    that is all i remember because i laughed the whole time!

    Source(s): saw it last night
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