Can Transsexuals orgasm/feel pleasure? And other questions for the transsexual crowd.?

I dunno, I've always kinda wondered really. But, google just brings up websites saying that if people ask that "It's your (referring to the transsexual) business and you don't have to answer"

I see how it'd be rude to ask, but to be frank it's not like the average person can really find out for themselves. It's an irreversible choice and it's a hard choice to make and I respect that- I wouldn't think any less of someone if they were a transsexual or anything, I'm just curious is all.

Oh, and I'm talking post-op of course. I saw one question pertaining to mtf but nothing for ftm... Is there even ftm surgery? I've never heard of it, not trying to be rude I just.. haven't, y'know, heard of it ever being done. How do they make the testicles and stuff?

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    Yup, there are several basic types of FtM surgery: metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, scrotoplasty, masectomy/chest reconstruction, and various other sundry operations like urethral re-routing/lengthening, hysterectomies, and whatnot.

    Testosterone already enlargens the clitoris (1 to 2, maybe even 3 inches when erect), and because FtM surgery is rather prohibitively expensive and doesn't have stellar results, many FtM's don't even want surgery, and are fine with their new mini-penises. But for those who want more length, metoidoplasties cut a tendon connecting the clitoris to the pelvis, which "frees it", so that it hangs lower and looks much larger (although the actual working length will still be the same). Sometimes the FtM in question will choose to reroute and then extend their urethras through their clitoris so that they can pee out of their penises, but it's really fraught with lots of complications, and many choose to have their released clitorises/penises while still urinating from their urethra, in the vagina.

    And finally, the big daddy of all FtM surgery is the phalloplasty, which, instead of just building or adding onto the testosterone-enlargened organ, actually creates a new one from donated flesh, usually from the inner forearm or the thigh. It's a common surgical procedure but a little hard to describe to anybody who doesn't know medicine; suffice to say, the skin is rolled up into a tube and blood vessels are hooked to keep the donated skin alive, and then it is grown to heal and finally become part of the body. Sometimes the urethra is re-routed and lengthened through the new penis (which, by the way, will be comparable in size to a biological penis).

    At any point in time, the FtM can choose to get a scrotoplasty, which takes small, round silicone implants and essentially wraps the labia majora around them- they'll stretch and become non-functioning testicles.

    Most FtM's are rather more concerned with getting rid of their breasts, so chest reconstruction is the biggest option, done a variety of ways, depending on the size of the breasts (if they're small, they can go in through a tiny hole near the armpit and suction the fatty tissue away, which is great because it leaves no scarring, but if they're a certain size, they'll have to cut underneath and then sew it up from there). Sometimes nipples are relocated to make them have a more natural placement.

    And while some FtM's are happy keeping their uteruses and even may purposefully do so in order to one day stop hormones and get pregnant, others dislike having this feminine part of themselves (not to mention that prolonged use of testosterone is considered medically risky and possibly related to ovarian or uterine cancer). So they often get hysterectomies.

    Suffice to say, if the patient has had a hysterectomy and has their urethra re-routed elsewhere, the vagina can essentially be "sewn up" to leave a bio male-like expanse of smooth skin underneath the new penis up to the anus.

    And yes, FtM's and MtF's can orgasm and feel pleasure. Though they often report having differences in the quality of orgasm (FtM's say it comes harder and faster, MtF's often say that theirs has a slower, "dreamier" quality and comes in waves), they're definitely still pleasurable and get them off. (A lot of the differences in orgasm are also certainly due to the hormones). Some MtF surgeries allow the transwoman to vaginally lubricate, but most don't (use of the stomach lining to produce lubrication isn't usually used because unlike with bio women, there is nothing to control the lubrication- it just continually happens, meaning she may have to wear a pad all the time). But the sensitive glans of the penis are usually reshaped into a functioning clitoris and the penis is cut open and inverted, so that the new walls of the vagina are essentially the outside of the penis. As things become somewhat "shifted around", the prostate moves slightly upward, meaning that it now functions essentially like the G-spot at the end of the vagina. So yes, MtF's can feel pleasure during intercourse, without a doubt, although they obviously will not be able to get pregnant, menstruate, or female ejaculate like bio girls. FtM men who have either had no bottom surgery or have had metoidioplasties can get erect and have all the wonderful sensations that the clitoris can give a woman (just over a bigger area). Some still retain their ability to female ejaculate, and for those with big enough new penises, they may be able to shallowly penetrate their parnters. For FtM's who have had phalloplasties, it's slightly different- the new penis will have sensation but will not get hard, no matter how turned on he might be. Most FtM's have a way around that- they get a small device implanted on them- the same kind that bio guys struggling with impotence use- where they press a spot on their hip and it gives them instant erections (or takes them away). And while they won't be able to ejaculate semen or impregnate someone, they can definitely orgasm.

    Hope that helps!

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    What's you opinion on this topic? I am assuming by "topic" you are referring to "medical condition" and as such my opinion of it doesn't matter any more than my opinion of cancer matters Do you think that the issue of really ridged gender roles brings this on? It absolutely does not "bring this on" however I think it helps make it more obvious to those who suffer from it. That would be like saying,"do sounds bring about deafness?" well in most cases no......but without the sounds you wouldn't know you were deaf Do you think it actually has to do with genitals themselves? Yes and no. Yes in that they are the wrong ones for the mind and no because I think that the hormones produced by those genitals play a much bigger role than the genitals themselves even though I don't want to downplay the "wrong genitals" aspect. Do you think people are born this way, or does it manifest throughout socialization, or both? It is a proven fact that transsexual people, whether they be male or female, are born with a brain virtually identical to the sex they identify with. Having a body that doesn't match that brain is most definitely a biological reason. As for the socialization, without the gender differences brought about by socialization, this brain-body mismatch might not be quite as obvious and therefore go undiagnosed. What are your thoughts on people who have had sexual reassignment surgery and get married, do you think that counts as gay marriage? Absolutely not! What part of a man marrying a woman is considered gay marriage? Do you feel like the gender (or) sex actually changes when the surgery happens, or no? no and yes. No in that gender CANNOT be changed as it is firmly rooted in your consciousness. Yes in that physically the body changes to match the gender of the brain. I guess I'm curious is anyone knows at what point the legally if/when a person changes gender, and for instance if they wanted to get married, would the process of a ceremony and all that go smoothly, or would there be issues? This varies from location to location.

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    Ftm Orgasm

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Can Transsexuals orgasm/feel pleasure? And other questions for the transsexual crowd.?

    I dunno, I've always kinda wondered really. But, google just brings up websites saying that if people ask that "It's your (referring to the transsexual) business and you don't have to answer"

    I see how it'd be rude to ask, but to be frank it's not like the average...

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    Yes there's ftm surgery. Yes, they can create flesh pouches that apear to be testicles. They aren't 'real' in the sense of producing sperm or anything, but they look real enough if done correctly.

    You can google ftm surgery for more details. There is just as much information out there as there is on mtf.

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    There is ftm surgery, I don't know what that involves.

    And yes mtf can have orgasm and lubricate, just like real women.

    I saw a special on discovery health channel that showed sex-change operations and medical science has gotten so good that it can re-wire a mtf wiring so that she can have orgasms.

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    FTM surgery actually consist of a pump in you balls you squish to have your dick grow. Orgasm if any is made by injection.


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    male to female transgenders will they have orgasms

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