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Running for office -- what are some concerns for my family situation?

About a month ago I started thinking about running for elective office because the local DA is a dinasaur and corrupt and I was selected last week to be the Republican candidate against him this fall.

I have some concerns about my family b/c this will be a nasty campaign. Have any of you been through a race like this before?

My hub and I went through a quick divorce this winter after I had a fling, but I convinced my husband to take me back. The only reason that the divorce was quick was b/c my hub had indecent pics of me with the guy and I didn't want them introduced in court. We also moved into his place, which is really shabby. Alot of the voters in this district are poor and my house was too classy.

My daughter is really pretty but my hub got mad that I had some makeup put on our son for the family portrait for my political post cards b/c he has a birthmark the size of a half dollar on his cheek.

What are some family concerns that could come up during a political race?

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    I think your biggest concern should be posting as many private questions on here and having anybody in the area know who you are and spread the word about your issues...let alone the pictures out there and the media catching up to all of this. Additionally your spouse has posted things your local citizens would just love to hear.

  • Sondra
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    You're honesty and your problem solving ability. You say he's corrupt, but how is it that you view yourself as more honest? Not everyone deals with marital problems by going out and having affairs. Your affair shows the world that you deal with problems poorly. Plus, your affair shows that you are sneaky and manipulative. If you're OK with lying to the one who is suppose to mean the most to you (your hubby), then you'll certainly be OK with lying to the public and lying in court. I'm sure I'll get some thumbs down, but I don't think you're a good candidate.

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    That's the way to start off a campaign for DA, using deception. I'd want you representing me.

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