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Who do you think will win?

Venus Williams or Flavia Pennetta?

Goooooooooo Venus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    on clay... maybe pennetta

    besides, Venus not playing very well in couple of matches before... pennetta will make a surprise to win....

    maybe the match will be in 3 sets..

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    Venus probably, but she's been a little inconsistent so far at Roland Garros, so if she makes a ton of errors, like she sometimes does, it could make it a much more difficult match for her. Pennetta is really good on clay, but without help from Venus (playing badly), I don't think she has much of a chance.

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    I should imagine Venus. Her powerful ground-strokes combined with her often excellent execution at the net mean she will be very difficult to beat.

    However, her form has been somewhat lackluster of late, with her winning just 14 of her 20 matches thus far this season. Also, it has been known for her to lose early on at the French Open, once falling in the first round (in 2003, ranked world number 2, having been the finalist the previous year).

    You can never really tell with Venus or Serena these days; they are not the omnipotent force they once were, but their triumphs over adversity in recent times show they are not only capable of winning tough matches, but they still have it in themselves to win at grand slam level.

    I personally belive that, if Venus believes, (which she always does), then we should believe. Go Venus!!

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    venus,, 50-75% probability.. because sometimes venus struggles... so lets see..

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    well venus always struggles at the french open.... but its more likely she will over come penneta....

    penneta will only win if venus chokes or plays so severly bad...

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