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How many days do you wear a bra before having to wash it?

i only have one, well, because im 12.



what i mean, was that i only have one.


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    Well, it depends on what you do when you wear it. Like, if I get hot or sweaty for some reason, I won't wear it again until I wash it. My work/clinical bra's I only wear once because I work at the hospital and do clinicals for nursing school there. But on normal days when I don't get sweaty, I can wear a bra like 2-4 times. I never put them in the dryer either. If they're underwire, the constant washing and drying will make the wire come out, then they're useless. I wash them on gentle/handwash cycle and hang them on a drying rack. I probably have like 15 bras, but I don't wear most of them because some are for "special" occasions, some don't fit right, some don't fit at all. I have my main 5 bras that I wear most of the time.

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    I have only about 6 bras and I only wear two of them.

    I wear them about a week before washing them.

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    i wear a different one each day but if i where you i would wash it every 2/3 days

    go get more bras:))

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    you should wash it every couple of days i mean it wont hurt to wear it like 2 or 3 days if you only have one and if you arent like getting sweaty and dirty and stuff but i would wash it quite often

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    2 days but if u get dirty wear once until its washed so it wont sort of smell i mean u dint want a odor at a very young age then u will get picked at ewe that girl stinks she needs a bath

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    You can always wash it by hand at night and hang it up to dry, it will by dry by morning. You can use a very small amount of shampoo to wash it and a very small amount of fabric softener.

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    around 3 or four days.....if u sweat alot its different but ya.....

    it its awakward asking ur mom for another bra...just say that there is a 2 4 one sale or smething...she will prob get the message....

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    i usually go two days at the most. but i usually change it everyday. it really doesnt matter. but it might start to smell bad after a while lol.

    you should buy a few more.

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    ok i am weird about mine but i were mine for 2-3days then wash it but then i got more bras ask your mom for them!

  • some people say everyday but i usually wash mine like every two or three days just because i dont put mine in dryer (bc they ware out faster when you dry them) so idk.... and im almost 21 and i only a few myself...

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