In the next 5 years what will south africa be like in general - good or bad?

And why do you think so - And the question is after and not during the next 5 years. :) the reason for my question is that alot of us out there have a bad gut feeling bout south africa but then on the other hand theres few that still carry the optamism, well will decide by the answers i get.


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    10 years ago people looked down on us for leaving. 5 years ago there was another mass exodus. I know of many people who are leaving now that said that they should have left 5 years ago. I think that looking back at the past 15 years it will take a mirricle to get better. It can only get worse. What African country has actually gotten better? Look at Zim. When I was little I remember what we called the "When we's" (When we were is Zim ... when we were in Zim etc...) 20 years later look at Zim.

    Do you really believe with the corruption in the government and the fraud and how hospitals etc had gone downhill that it can improve? SA will never get better. It is a frog in boiling water. Once you are out then you can see it and so many people wish that they had done it sooner.

  • Betty
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    4 years ago

    Wow, what a question. Everyones perpective will be different. I grew up in South Africa and moved to Australia when I was 22 years old. I have been back there for visists (family and friends), but could not see myself living back there. I think that on a one on one basis that most South Africans are very pleasant. They enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, with sports like football (soccer), rugby, netball etc. BBQ (or braai there) is part of the lifestyle. They love a good joke and can laugh at themselves - sometimes because it is all you can do. For languages, there is eleven official languages, but if you speak English, you would be fine in most places. And yes, security is an issue. Across the board. There is unfortunately a lot of poverty, which is forcing people to steal to feed themselfes, and then there is a criminal element that is just out to plunder. It is only the very brutal crimes that you get to read about in the news. When I tell people what has happened to my own family, they think I am lying. I have had hijacks, rapes and murders in my family (and no, we are not all from Johannesburg). At one stage I quit a job because the danger of driving alone when a shift finished was to great (the work then organised an security company to acompany me home - so the can look after you). My house had electric fences, armed response alarm system, and infra red beams across the outside. My schooling was good, I was in a private school. Unfortunately the university eduction of some RSA universities aren't recognised abroad anymore. But after all that, I have heaps of family still living there, and they are ok. Good luck on moving there, and I hope you enjoy just the beautiful side of South Africa

  • SAgirl
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    1 decade ago

    South Africa soccer team wouldnt even have qualified for the 2010 world cup wich they hosted, and during that time so many tourist would have been robbed and killed that a warning will go not to go to South african is far more dangerous than Iraq.

    The ANC will still be the ruling party and everything that we worked for in the past will be gone and destroyed.

    They will start to get rid of all the white people just like Zim.

    There is no hope not now not in 5 years

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    Look at the situation today;

    Top political figures are known murderers and rapists- Winnie Mandela, Zuma etc.

    Many fraud and bribary cases, high up political figures are not brought to justice, even the Chief Judge has been summond before the Constitunal Court.

    Racial hatered is rife - but many blacks as well as whites are very decent people.

    Persons in positions of authotity dip their fingers into public funds.

    In 5 years time things will be worse because those in authority do not have either the training or schooling or experience to effectively preform properly - Minister of health suggests eating certain veggies as a cure for AIDS. The hospitals are overcrowded and undet staffed by under trained pesonnel - they have 2 patients to a bed. New patients must be satisfied using the soiled linen of the previous patient.

    The ANC may loose power buy only at great cost in human lives.

    Inflation is rampant.

    I think I have said enough.

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  • Skyli
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    1 decade ago

    I was in your shoes 5 years ago asking the same thing about Zimbabwe....

    look how that turned out!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mayhem, chaos, disaster, famine. I'm getting my parents out ASAP.

    Why? A N C

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that it will get better.

    Maybe not good, but not bad or like it was.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If they stop killing immigrants and robbing their business -then it will turn out good. but if they continue with this xenophobia and killing and robbing immigrants and foriegners --I hope it falls into choas!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no clue just depends if people are willing to die to make a difference

  • 1 decade ago

    it will be a lot worse than it is today

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