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Should there be only 8 teams in the cricket world cup..?

After the farce which was the 2007 World Cup (1 sided games and lenghty competition)

Do you think the ICC should limit the amount of teams competing in the world cup to just the main test match teams??

If so how many teams should there be??

* Only the 8 main test teams??

* 8 sides plus Bangladesh and a qualifier??

* 12 teams

* 16 teams

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btw this is not my personal opinion!! this is just a talking point i wanted to bring up!!. To the person who said there wasnt many 1 sided matches!! well i could think of at least 5 in the 2007 world cup (surely thats 3 too many)

P.S Slash where's my star buddy!! do i have to get on my hands and knees and beg or do i have to say the Aussies are the best LOL

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    Hi KooKee:

    I agree that the 16 teams in the World Cup were way too many.

    I think an ideal number of teams to have in a tournament is 12 and to play this as two pools of six. I think they were cery close to having the ideal system in 1999 and 2003 and for some inexplicable reason they broke away from it!

    There definately needs to be more than 8 teams in the competition because this is when the minnows get their moment in the spotlight - their 15 seconds of fame as it were. Players from these smaller nations dream about playing in a world cup, they dream about the chance to mix it with the best and even if when they get thrashed they will learn and become better cricket players, which is part of developing these second-tier cricket nations.

    So the ICC needs to find a balance between eliminating the one-sided games of the World Cup and giving the minnows an opportunity of playing against the stars of the game. In my book, they need to do this by having 12 teams in the world cup.

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    12. This accomodates the 10 test sides and 2 qualifiers. We need the qualifiers as they can cause upsets and if they do well its often one of the stories of the tournament. And it promotes the game of cricket in that country.

    16 is too many and causes the tournament to be too long.

    8 doesn't accomodate all of the test nations let alone any qualifiers. Besides, this is the 'World Cup', not the Elite Test Cup. Any country recognised by FIFA can enter the football world cup, and any team that enters can reach the finals. There are so many associate and affiliate members of the ICC, why should they not be given the chance to play the big boys in the tournament? But only 2 qualifiers, not 6 - too many dead games and too long.

    Also, if it is 16 teams, do 4 groups of 4, but the top 2 should go into quarter finals not a super 8. Its the super 6 and super 8 that make the tournament too long.

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    I agree with 'cool manu', if we want cricket to become more globalised we need to give every team a chance.

    I wouldn't say that the 2007 world cup had one-sided games but it was quite lengthy for the players.

    I think the World Cup should be broken up into two, Anyone ranked below number 8 in the ICC ODI team rankings and any other cricket playing nation should have to battle it out, only one team can qualify out of that round.

    Then they are put in with the top 8 ICC ODI rankings and then they should just battle it out.

    This will also bring more attention to the ICC team rankings and teams will maybe try harder to be in the top 8.

    EDIT: I didn't find any world cup matches boring...so i can't really recall any one-sided matches.

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    Well first off the world cup definitely needs to be shorter in length, cheaper and greater in atmosphere but i still beleive there is a place for the "minow" teams and you only have to see what some of them have accomplised in past world cups to prove my point. However to many smaller teams is a bad thing with to many one sided games so i think it has to be limited to just a few growing teams like kenya, ireland and canada.

    Limiting it to just 8 teams would pretty much resign the fact that cricket can't grow worldwide and that it doesnt want to. The world cup is a vital stage for growth of cricket worldwide.

    I think 12 to 14 teams is a good amount with 16 being slightly to many. perhaps they could look at going back to the old two pools way and then straight to the quarter finals and so on after that.

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    You have a good point in one sense KooKee, lol, the shmozzle on that last day! But look at how far Ireland got in the WC. That must have given them a giant boost & got in more players. frankly, i would rather see Ireland there than Bangladesh lol. But that won't happen. It did drag on too long, but talking about one sided games, you have to look at teams like Ireland who beat several of the world's best. I thought that made for very interesting cricket & one has to wonder why the Paddys don't have an international side. If you stick to the World's top teams then smaller nations won't get a look in.Good Q, a star for you!

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    I dont think so these small teams also needs to get some experience of facing cricketing giants and they can pull upsets like Ireland beat Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    And if you want more competition in World Cup than you will have to take Australia out as they won 2 world cups without losing single match

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    well the idea of having sort of 2 world cups, one for what they call the associate nations such as Kenya and Ireland, and the proper world cup is already happening (i know it used to the called the ICC Champions Trophy, but i think the names change cos they use that for the Test countries tournament) so i think we could scratch that idea

    as far as having the 8 highest ranked teams, i dont think that would work either, and think about all the great things non-test playing nations have done in the world cup such as(i know you wont like the first one but bear with me! LOL) Zimbabwe beating England in 92 (told you you wouldnt like that one, but i also remember they beat us in 83), Kenya beating the West Indies in 96, Bangladesh beating Pakistan in 99, John Davison century vs the West Indies in 03, and what about Ireland making the second phase last year by beat Pakistan (and on St Patricks day!!) and the first International sighting of the man every cricketer carrying a little bit of extra weight draws inspiration from....Dwayne Leverock!! (and the diving one hander he took!!) if someone that big can play international cricket then theres a chance for all of us! LOL

    and all of that is without mentioning Kenya making the Semis in 2003!! if we only had the top 8 sides, none of those moments would have happened! and dont know about you, but i think they are great little moments in our games history!

    however 16 teams is to many with to many lopsided results, i think the 10 test playing nations and 2 qualifers is the way to go, you have to have the associate nations in the otherwise our game limits its own potential for growth, and 12 teams would be suffient enough as it will give the more competitive associate teams a chance to test themselves againist the best

    perhaps if you want a 16 team comp to promote the game in the lesser known countries, use the T20 world championships

    Source(s): EDIT: you know i dont give many, but this one gets a star! EDIT: WHOOPS, i forgot to do it on the way back to the questions board!! forgive me but in my defence my memory is shocking for this sort of thing, i did it to Mel earlier today, i dont think she noticed tho!!
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    I feel that ICC should conduct qualifying tournament for the World Cup and 2 teams should be selected from the qualifying round for the World Cup. These two teams and 10 teams who have been given permanent ODI status by ICC should compete in the World Cup.

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    I think we should have more teams Ireland performed very good. We may find a very good team. I think that teams like Ireland should be given a chance to play in tri-series with countries like Australia. they can learn a lot from the good international players. Cricket is a good sport and should not be limited to a few countries. they can learn a lot even from 1 sided games

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    England, Australia, India, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri lanka, West Indies, Ireland.

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