UNC-chapel hill or ECU!?

I really want to get into unc-chapel hill but i know its super competitve to try to get into. I also want to get into East carolina university but it has a rep. as a party school;but i heard its a really good biology and nursing school. So my question is does anybody know the required gpa, sat scores to get in?and do you have to take the act or sat II? and if theres anybody on here that attend either school, please give advice on getting in and how is it there? THANK YOU!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Well Chapel Hill is very competitive and has really high standards. As for ECU, high standards but lower than that of Chapel Hill.

    I had a 2.1 the beginning of my senior year with a 1420 on my SAT. Now when I found out that I really need to get my act together, I got straight A's my final year of high school and got into ECU because of that. I am now majoring in Biochem, to become a doctor, and I dont regret it.

    Even though ECU has the rep., if you make it out as a doctor/nurse or whatever you want medically, they will think that even though you went to a party school, you graduated and really want to do something with your life.

    I don't know, I hope that helped and not make anything more difficult for you. Best of luck! : )

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