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Britain’s got talent 2008 semi-finals the last performance always goes trough first. Why also so many singers

has anyone noticed that the first act that goes to the finals in Britain's got talent is always the last performance in the semi-finals this is bias to the other acts especially the early night performances as they have little or no chance at all to go to the finals they might aswell not perform its really unfair i think what do you people think about or is it just coincidence that the last is always the best or the producers do it as if they want those acts in the final??

and plus what are the singers doing here its suppose to be a talent show i want some talent i know singing is talent but there is x factor and all for them i think this show wants something different just like Jeremy Lynch, signature and all i don't see why in the final there will be so many singers its a shame and it be a more shame if a singer wins cause i don't should be called more like Britain's got singing talent !!

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    Singers definitely have several advantages:

    1) We live in a TV/Internet age now where Entertainment/talent is

    is almost exclusively revolved around singers and singing.

    When was the last time you saw any guest performer on a shows like Jonathan Ross or even Parkinson other than a singer?

    As a result there are by far more fans of singing acts than there are of say magic acts.

    Even the best magic trick in the world wouldn't generate even a fraction of the votes of that of even mediocre singing performance.

    2) They can play safe and sing tried and trusted songs.... Other non singing acts can't play safe and try tried and trusted routines otherwise they would be dismissed as "seen that before" and "not very original".

    (The panels comments about Charlie Green making a mistake by not picking a tried and tested popular song illustrate the point perfectly!)

    3) Other acts have to vary their routine for the final, singers can pick songs that they have sung in previous rounds for the final.

    4) Acts such as the football act, or the matrial arts, or the dog act etc are at much higher risk of making mistakes, a singer isn't as likely to make a mistake.

    5) Singers can use emotions within the song to instantly emotionally bond with the audience, other acts can't do that so easily.

    If yet another singer wins this year then the programme makers will surely look at whether singing acts should just have their own seperate show.... I certainly hope they do..... better still just get the current "X factor" winner to provide the singing for the Royal Variety, and let the rest of the non singing acts compete with each other.

    It's quite obvious particuarly the pop singers on Britain's Got Talent aren't really looking for a a Royal Variety Performance but just want to get a record deal.

    As for the voting system, well as we know telephone voting is far from efficient or accurate particuarly when you only have a about 3 minutes between voting and announcing the results.

    A far better and fairer way would be postal type voting system, but that of course won't happen because ITV make millions from the phone vote!

    I do also agree that those that perform last do have a distinct advantage over those that perform at the beginning, or those that are buried in the middle of the program.

    Am I taking this far too seriously.....perhaps but the program in it's current status is deeply flawed, that I do know.

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    They do put the best acts at the end, it's only a minute or two after their performance and the lines open, also noticed they tend to put acts that aren't so good or are OK on the same show as the ones that are really good.

    Singers should be allowed but I think they should put more variety acts through to the semi finals, it would be nice to have one show where it's all different with no singers.

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    Yes, we had noticed that too.

    I say that singers are as entitled to enter as any other talented person, especially the under-16s as they're not allowed to enter X-Factor or Pop Idol.

    Britain's Got Talent is a talent show for everyone, whether their speciality is a mainstream one like singing or dancing, or something a bit out of the ordinary, like playing two recorders through your nose.

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    I'm glad someone else noticed that the last act always goes through first...this wound me up something cronic last year too, it was so predictable I couldn't believe it!

    It's so rigged with the judging anyway, it's weird how they all manage to vote so that the third judge gets to decide and then last night I couldn't understand why Simon was going to have the casting vote AGAIN, but then Piers and Amanda voted the same of course, that was why they both went first!!!

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    that's a good point put it seems to be all kids getting through this year but that little dude last night dancing was super i honestly think that the producers have put them in categories that will ensure the top ones to win it was a bit boa ring tonight

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    im 100% with you...finally someone that understands me...its all fixed!!!!!!!! well im jus frustrated i sed that

    but i bet u the SINGERS R GONNA WIN! bloody hell

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    I noticed that! We must be observant!!

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