state of iowa... paternity?

i have a child that i feel i should get a paternity test for. i'm not with his mother i pay child support and somehow the courts already established paternity without a dna test. i was told by child support recovery representative that i would have to hire an attorney to take a paternity test. is there another way i could go about destablishing paternity without an attorney? does anyone have any advice?

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    I live in iowa and the above is untrue. You can get the dna at a local blood testing lab BUT you need an attorney inorder to get the babies dna for a match or no match...that requires a court order and that would be difficult for anyone without an attorney. All mama had to do was name you as the father and once your name shows on a birth certificate you are "guilty" until proven otherwise. THAT takes an attorney.

    In the long run its cheaper to get it overwith NOW than to be on the hook for another 18 years and this will haunt you whereever you go even to another state.

    Advice...SURE....wear protection,stop "screwing" around.

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    You can file for a paternity test with the courts. The state is getting money for the child so they no longer care who the father is.

    Even if you can prove you are not the father, at this point you will most likely be forced to continue paying for the child. Usually once you start paying you do not stop until another man starts to pay. At some point you must have accepted responsability for the child because you are currently paying.

    For filing, contact the clerk of court at your local family court or court of equity and ask if they have forms or available resources online.

    If the state just took money from your paycheck without giving you a chance to show you are not the father, file a writ of replevin with the state to see if you can get you money back (it is a long shot); assuming you are not the father.

    As for the actual test, most states require a mother/child/father test with an accredited lab that follows a chain of custody. The accreditations vary from state to state.

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    You can go through a private DNA testing lab for the test without an attorney, but-- if you are trying to use this for a legal reason, like the child support issue you mentioned-- you need to be sure the lab is accredited and the results can be used in court.

    This lab is fully accredited and the results can be used in court. Go to for all the information.

    I hope this information helps, Good luck to you!

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    Never heard of needing an attorney to get a paternity test. You just go to a lab that does the testing and pay the fees. Make sure the lab is accepted by your State.

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