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HALO 3 CLAN recruitment?

our name is elemental six if you want to join u have to pick one of these wind fire ice light earth and water and once u pick one your under the branch leader

im branch leader of wind my xbox 360 name is shotgunblast151 add me if you want to join

meetings are on wed. and fri. we do fighting with other clans and help others with campaign or matchmaking. if u get a letter tht says urgent come now then u gotta hurry. ill answer further questions on xbox or here

We are still looking for a light Branch leader


working on our site

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    i'll join. i'll be for light, i'll be the leader too! the gamertag is "hi_i_am_sunny" lvl 45 captain-i got my 44 at 68exp and had 0 losses when i got it. however, this account is a 1 month and my main account is "wasted_djsunny" it is not very good-only lvl 45, and my family gets on it a lot-so ask for "sunny". i'll join nonetheless. and if you don't want me to join, please click my name and send me an e-mail msg saying so or tell me on xbox live. by the way, i looked up your gamertag and couldn't find it on

    by the way, if your clan is on i can't join, otherwise i'm all for it.

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  • 4 years ago

    you no what i might try out because my clan has stoped playing halo 3 or got a new gamer tag or they dont have xbox live right now so this week i might not be able to tryout because i have baseball and finals coming up so soon i will. my gamer tag is momo32791 . Check out my stats and send me a message on xbox live if you like my stats and want me to try out. One more thing are you a game battles Clan?

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