wHaT GrApHiCs CaRd ShOuLd I gEt?

Hey people. I am thinking of buying a graphics card as mine is fairly outdated(yes i know thats an understatement). Im looking to spend about £50-£60 on a graphics card. I have enclosed info below. Thanks for you time!

Current Graphics Card- NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE

PCI Experess x16 -i think

OS-Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (build 2600)

Processor-3.07 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4

16 kilobyte primary memory cache

1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache

Main Circuit Board(motherboard??)-Board: NEC COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL (GIGABYTE) GA-8I915PMD

Bus Clock: 133 megahertz

BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. 10J 02/23/2006

RAM-1024 Megabytes Installed Memory


Thanks guys had on look on ebay and i found a XFX nVidia 8600GT PCI-Express 1GB for about £50. How does that sound? Do u thinks its worth buying?

Update 2:

hey guys, I found an XFX 8600GT with 256MB GDDR3 memory for £50. Just wondering whether or not that it better than the one i found ebay. The one on ebay has 1GB worth of GDDR2 memory. So i dunno which one is better?

Update 3:

Hey again. Just to let you guys know i purchased the XFX 8600GTS 256MB GDDR3 memory from ebuyer for £50. Take a look if you wish:


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    When you buy an 8600 GT 1gb you are being ripped off by those tricky computer companies: they know n00bs think more ram is better, so they put 1gb of cheap DDR2 memory on their 8600 GT's to make them look good, when they really have more memory than anyone not playing at OVER 1920x1200 needs, and that ram has HALF the clock speed of GDDR3, which means it will be much slower for gaming. I know, because I bought an 8600M GT GDDR2 for my laptop which gets 3k on 3dmark06 rather than the 4k of the gddr3 version (note the difference is more stark than this, 3dmark takes CPU into account which buffs out both scores making them look closer). I only got GDDR2 cause it was about $400 cheaper. Okay sorry for that rant.

    The GDDR3 overclocked XFX with Zalman cooler that that dude recommended is a great option and will totally rock compared to what you had.


    That said you can get an 8800GS for 30 pounds more, which will probably double or triple your performance, and is a better investment for the future.


    Your CPU will also be bottlenecking you at this point, which is unfortunate cause I checked and your mobo only supports P4's, not even the weak Pentium D dual core series. I would try and pick up a really fast Cedar Mill based P4 and overclock it to try and keep up with modern games. (90nm cedar mill can put on some major OC's.)


    Don't spend too much trying to keep your dying single core platform alive though.

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    I dont know how many Euros the 8600 gt is but its a nice cheap and powerful mid range card. if the 8600 gt is to much try the 7600 also a nice card cheap and its not far behind the 8600

    not sure where they ship too but try newegg they have the best prices


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    Yep, you definitely have a PCIExpress 16x slot. (that's the graphics slot on 915-chipset motherboards like your Gigabyte).

    For that amount you stated, you can probably go for a nice midrange PCIExpress card, such as a 8600GT or 9600GT. Or if you like, an ATI card such as an HD3650.

    EDITED TO ADD: Yep, that 8600GT you found will serve you very well.

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    well u already have an nvidia geforce card, i would recommend u stay with nvidia, just go with higher card and try to get one with a built in fan, and make sure ur comp supports it, nvidia r really good video cards

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    i got this, i spent a long long time looking and thts the best for the price, only ordered it like a week ago too its not outdated.

    video for it here:


    Youtube thumbnail

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