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NBC news policy?

at the request of one of the Today Show producers I sent hardcpoy pictures of my spouse for a make-over segment. It didn't work out. So OK fine I understand and that's not my problem.

My problem is that even though this producer said on the phone that she would return my hard copy photos I haven't gotten them after 2 weeks. She's not responding to my emails I'm ready to start calling her.

Any other suggestions?


Or can someone point me to a copy of the policy that says she can't send my pictures back for whatever reason?

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    NBC is not what they used to be, of course you are only as good as the people working there, I would give them a little more time, they probably are busy.

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    This is merely sloppy work by the producer. She is like anyone else -- you loan something out, and you take the chance of not getting it back. Ever loan a book out that you didn't get back? Exactly. It's got nothing to do with news policy; the producer has to make sure that "precious material" gets back to the owner.

    Give her a call.

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