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I need help with socks?

So my boyfriend has this problem with his feet they sweats alot! So at firts i told him to put some foot powder on them but it doenst do anything it probably makes it worse. So now im thinking its the cotton socks! What kind of socks should he wear? Cotton is warm so im thinking we need something that isnt that warm but i dont know what kind of socks! i need help! if you have or know someone that has a problem like this please help!!!!

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    Cotton socks are the best to wear, if you have to wear socks. Other types will have nylon or other fabrics that will really agrivate his skin, and will not "wick" away sweat like cotton...

    You can also try a cornstarch or a powder made specifically for the feet (they usually contain cornstarch)...

    If this is becoming a problem, he should see his Dr...there are things he can do to minimize the sweating...

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