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Tell me about "God," will you...?

Is God...

a) A white-bearded ("ancient") man up in the clouds ("heaven")

b) A phenomenal source of energy that animates all of life unconditionally ("All-That-Is")

c) Or something else....?

Please, tell me about your version of this all-pervasive word "God."

All thoughts and opinions welcome...

{{{{{{{{ much love and many hugs }}}}}}}}

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    I only just tried to answer the same question not long ago and I am no closer so please forgive the same answer. I am coming to believe that God has cast me from the vast field of awareness that is God for the very purpose of me realizing my separated state and so return to the unity of God. Every lesson, every relationship and every feeling is tailored lovingly to call me home. The more I experience Divine Love in my separated state the closer I come to realizing God in unity. I see the present as the Divine gift to the Divine and my sacred duty is Being. I can't see any purpose in returning to God without fully experiencing Life in my human form but that my human form cannot be fully experienced or realized without me remembering my Divine nature. I think that the Joy and Beauty I experience in stillness is no more than a gentle caress from God to continue to shed those parts of me that are not in alignment with God. I believe that God is beyond description and only the gifts of God are really accessible to me now. As the glimpses extend I see Love as being the closest I can come to God and that by seeing Love in all things and all things in Love I can begin to accept that I am Love and that God is the Love that I am.

    Thanks - this is the closest I can get - and I doubt many will agree - but there is a softness and safety and comfort in the Stillness that I can not ignore.

    Its a great question and one that I think we all have to answer at least to ourselves. We can never realize the Divine through anyone else's experience.

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      Would you like to experience God directly interiorly revealing his presence in you? Read The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A'Kempis and do what he says. I have experienced the divine love of our Lord Jesus Christ thousands of times. look at It'll lead you into union with God.

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    Oh dilemma dilemma.

    I'm leaning to B, but my B is not a God at all.

    There's C: Fictional, but I don't even know that.

    Okay how about both B and C?

    Nature is the energy that animates and destroys all things completely unconditionally and indiscriminately. It does not qualify the term 'God' because it has no consciousness, and is not sentient.

    As for a God being, the jury's well and truly out in my case, although it would be kinda defunct without Nature.


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    God is a spirit and the ruler and creater of all things. In this universe and any other one out there. He loves everyone and hears all of our crys for help. Guides us and does not force us to love him, but calls us back if we refuse he does not stop loving us. He has always been here and no one on this earth can describe how he exist just know and believe that he does.

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    God is the portion of the Pleroma that is conceivable to the human mind. God literally defines spiritual Perfection (True Love, True Knowledge, Truth itself).

    It can not be integrated in the psyche by neither belief or reason it must be experienced at a deeply personal level.

    Love and Light to you.

    Source(s): Gnostic
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    I agree with Raji, what we call God includes B, but is not defined or limited to B, so I guess C. I try not to label, even the so called good labels are limiting. Rather, I seek to experience, remember, join with, not even these terms work well. Yet, I am sure the Divine is something more than I can even conceive or hold as a concept. To label & limit the Divine is to label & limit my being.


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    I would go with B & C. God(dess) is that and SO much more. Our existence on the material level of being makes it impossible to comprehend the nature of ANY spiritual being, let alone the most developed spiritual beings of all.

    Brightest Blessings,

    Raji the Green Witch

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    I think god is a normal looking man who happens to have all the knowledge and power over the world. I like to think he is like santa claus so to speak if you do good and follow his word he will reward you with a place in heaven.

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    GOD is the most important thing there ever was and without Him we would have nothing. He is very loving and giving yet as a Father he will discipline accordingly. God is love and love is God.

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    Usually 4... but sometimes 3

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    If you really want to know the answer to this question....

    Go purchase and read the "BIBLE".

    That is the reality of humanity. The one true God.

    You can learn all about it by reading....the scripture in "the Bible".

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