Can you get around Durham North Carolina by bus?

Im looking to relocate to Durham North Carolina. Map quest saids Im 8 minutes away from Duke University, however I do not know how to drive and was wondering if I would be able to move around using public transportation?

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    Depends on where you live. If you live in or near downtown, then you can easily get around by bus, foot or bicycle to most places. If you're living out in suburban areas, it'll be much more difficult. There will still be bus stops here and there, but they'll be fewer and more scattered, as compared to downtown where there's a stop on virtually every block. So just pick very carefully where you live. Of course, the closer you live to campus the better!

    There are three bus services you'll be able to choose from:

    DATA (Durham Area Transit Authority, which serves most of Durham);

    TTA (Triangle Transit Authority, which runs buses that connect Durham, Raleigh, and ChapelHill);

    and Duke University's own campus bus service.

    Google all three and look at their route maps to get a feel of where they service.

    Source(s): NC native
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