please help please help please help!!!!?

it's my friends birthday on saturday an my parents wont let me go cause i am grounded!!!!!! i did sumting bad and now im grounded for 3 weeks but i wont to go so bad. i have been asking the last week and my dad keeps saying no my mam said i did a wrong thing and deserve to be punished, even though last time my brother was grounded he got off. i have cried a couple times asking and that dint work and tried to approach it then responsible but they still said no. my dad wont be back to friday so i cant pester him please help and give me tips on how to get to go please tanx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    you have to play this smarter.

    your parents see this as fitting punishment because you really really want to do this and now you can't because you're grounded.

    so you have 2 options:

    1. suck it up and do the punishment and remember this the next time you find yourself tempted to do something you're not supposed to do.


    2. offer an alternative punishment in place of going to the party. An extra week's grounding, extra chores that you really hate to do but will help out someone else in the household out.

    Get creative and they just MIGHT let you go to the party.

    Pestering, whining, crying, begging and comparing yourself to other siblings will just keep you grounded--but you know that already.

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    we have all been punished for many things we have done as teenagers..i know i have. once i had to have my joint birthday party cancelled for something really small like the night before. i was distraught and no amount of crying or pleading did any good. i supose punishments do have a purpose..make u learn from ur mistakes so u dont do them again and wil have less regrets in ur life (i have so many and there is nothing i can do about them)

    but i think as a plan u could act very front of them pretend not to be eating, drinking or sleeping teary eyed and tired all the time. dont talk to anyone and if they ask questions then just say a weak 'yes' or 'no' and dont keep asking them to go to the party.

    the guilt will probably tear them up inside n if they left ur brother off once then maybe u have a chance too.

    p.s. dont let this plan go to far though..good luck!

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    You were bad and your parents care enough about you to punish you so maybe you won't do whatever you did again.

    If your parents give in then you will have learned nothing.

    I added a day every time they whined and begged to be ungrounded. It did not take them long to learn no means no and when you do something wrong there are consequences.

    What you are failing to see is they are trying to teach you to make good decisions because the consequences for bad decisions are often much worse than a 3 week grounding when you get older.

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    I agree with the others, you have to learn to accept that there are consequences for every thing you choose to do in life. If you did this bad thing you need to accept that you did it, realise why you did it and then realise what happened because you did. Hopefully this is a big enough lesson to understand that we all have to be responsible for our own actions. YES parents can be annoying, you cant blame them for trying to keep you good and honest. Best idea is to not pester, grow up a little, act responsibly and accept you might not get to this party. By behaving and thinking differently about the situation you will understand why it is happening. We have all been there and we all learned to do it different the next time good luck hun, be safe

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You're probably going to have to accept your punishment, but say if you can have the evening off being grounded you'll do an extra week of being grounded and clean the entire house or something..

    You should always think of the consequences of your actions!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do something nice for your parents. Do something around the house, get the groceries, buy your mum and card saying sorry and some flowers. But dont do any of these and then say "now can I go" as that probably wont work! Good luck

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    First find a way to fix whatever bad you did, make sure both of your parents understand you are very sorry and you will make it up for them/never do it again/just fix it. And when they soften, just tell them how important the occasion is for you (just don't say the party! make them think it's not because you wanna go to the party to have fun, but to be there for your friend ONLY). If your mum is the only one there, convince her first.

    You can also try haggling, they let you go, you do something in exchange.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Okayy well you just need to suck up to them thats what i do practcally lick their arses. (sorry that sounds gross) but yeah do loads of jobs around the house and never cause a problem keep your room tidy, wash the pots without offering or being asked. clean up just literally do anything and everything to make your parents think why are we punishing her shes sucha good kid I hope this helps and if it does enjoy your friends party :DXXX

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just accept your punishment and that you are going to miss the party. There are consequences to your actions darling and you have to be punished. Try being on your best behaviour between now and the party and they might, just might, let you go. But you have to be an angel and not mention it again!

  • Ashwee
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    1 decade ago

    Try this if your really want to go to this birthday party tell your mom she can add another week of grounding. So instead of 3 weeks make it 4 lol. If your mom don't go for that tell her you clean house too.I would do it for my daughter

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