How To Change My Email Address On My YahooGroup?

Hello. I am a moderator of a YahooGroup. I changed a my email address a few months ago.

The group shows I made the change, but the emails are not coming in to the new email box. Also, if I send an email from this new email address, it says "Unable to deliver message".

Is there a way to talk to someone in Yahoo? Or is there someone that can understand what I'm talking about & offer a solution? Is the only solution to remove my name from the group & reinstall myself in the group with my new address?

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    be sure you followed al steps:

    go to this link- click add email address on top left- follow steps and confirm address.

    then go to this link click edit my groups on the top left- locate group (if there's more than one) under the column Email Address click the arrow for the drop down box and select new address- click save changes

  • 1 decade ago

    First, log in to the Yahoo Groups web site, and go to your Group's home page. Then click Edit Membership in the middle of the top line (just below the ad if there is one). In the Email Address sub-section (under Step 1 Your Contact Information), check to make sure your new email address is the default selection before you make any changes. If it isn't the default selection, then change it to your new email address, followed by clicking the Save Changes box towards the lower-right-hand corner.

    If it was the default selection before you made any changes, then you did what you needed to, and the problem is elsewhere. Now, is it possible the provider of the e-mail service at your new address is re-directing messages from Yahoo Groups as bulk or spam? If you have a Bulk or Spam folder with your e-mail service at your new address, check that; if not, you'll have to contact the admins of this e-mail service to ask them to forward Yahoo Groups messages to your inbox instead of labelling them as bulk or spam. Also, when you sent an e-mail from this new e-mail address to your Yahoo Group, did it say anything in addition to "Unable to deliver message"? I would think it would give more of a reason than that.

  • 4 years ago

    how the moderator changes addresses in yahoogroups

  • 1 decade ago

    Try to create a new Yahoo Profile in your "my profile" and select the new one as the Yahoo! Profile you would like to use for your group

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