How much is gas near you today?

I'm in San Juan, Puerto Rico and a month ago I asked the same question, when I was paying $3.58/gal (89.7 cents/lt) ... today I'm paying $4.04/gal ($1.01/lt) and this is for REGULAR gas. How much is it in your area? This is the price for the "regular" gas (87 octane)... for the "premium" it's $4.20/gal and for diesel it's already at $4.60/gal. Thanks for your answers... I sure think this is as high as I have ever seen this prices, it's terrible!


Thanks a lot for all your answers... I was just curious to see how's the situation. I'm aware that in Europe you pay higher prices than us in the US, and even so... this prices have been skyrocketing lately, it's insane! thanks all for your feedback and have a great summer all of you as well! ;-)

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    Gas here is $3.89/gallon. But I don't use it. I switched to E85(85% ethanol) 2 years ago and have never looked back. It is $2.89/gallon here for E85 and it burns cleaner than gasoline.

    E85 is clean, renewable, and made in America. Gasoline is none of those things.

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    Hello San Juan the gas here in Pittsburgh PA. is $3.899 a gallon for regular. Somone is soon going to have to do something because no one can stand these prices.

    Have a great Summer

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    You guys are lucky. Down here in Aust the price per litre in the capital cities reached A$1.72 yesterday.

    That equates to US$6.25 / gallon.

    I believe that UK is already paying over $2.00 / litre and that is over US$7.00 / gallon

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    I'm in North Bonneville, Washington* and regular is 4.09

    *40 minutes from Portland, Oregon

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  • Zach
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    1 decade ago

    For Southeastern Michigan:

    Regular Unleaded: $4.06/gal to $4.29/gal

    Premium Unleaded: $4.26/gal to $4.52/gal

    E85: $3.51/gal to $3.89/gal (but with the price/mileage difference, it's not even worth it)

    Diesel: $4.79/gal to $4.99/gal

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    last i checked it was 3.89 here

    but i'm rebelling on the gas prices, I've not been to the pump in over 2 weeks now.

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    It costs £1.15 for a litre of unleaded here on the south coast of the UK, that's US$2.30!

  • 1 decade ago

    $3.89 in South Central PA.

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    You've got it good in the USA. In the UK where i am, it costs £1.12 per litre, which the equivelant in the US would be $2.24 per litre. So i'd say count yourself lucky.

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    3 days ago $3.99.9 for 87 and 4.09.9 for the upper. chas. wv

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