Wat r the most effective "Jama ah" Group?

Just need to get some infor.Wat r some effective Jamaah's (Jamah Al Islamiyah,Tableeg,Islamic brotherhood,HT Hizb ut Tahrir,Salafi,Baraylwi .....) in some counrties all over the world?

(UK,USA,India,Pakistan,Egypt, Syria,south Africa, Malaysia,Saudi, Australia, fareast........e.t.c)


I don't want political explination my Q is only which Jamaah is effective in which country. I don't want 2 no anyone's history.

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    1 decade ago
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    Salafies: Saudi, US & UK , Australia.

    Tableegh & Jammat e Islaami, Subcontenent.

    Tableegh:US, UK & Australia. they just go around all ver the world.

    Islaamic brotherhood: Egypt & some parts of Syria.

    Baraylwi: India & pakistan.

    HT; Syria & UK.

    Malay; Shafi

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    1 decade ago

    Successful in terms of what?

    Jamah Al Islamiyah ('JI') are effective in ruining Bali's economy and creating animosity between the indigenous Indonesian populations and the innocent Javanese muslims who settle there. JI's spiritual leader Abu Bakar Bashir is pretty effective, considering he gave spiritual approaval for the Bali bombings, received only a few years in prison and is still politically and spiritually respected among many of Indonesia's muslims. JI and their supporters are effective in deluding themselves in saying that their jihad is all part of a war of self-defence.

    JI operates throughout Southeast Asia (mainly Indonesia).

    Hizb ut Tahrir has branches throughout the world and is effective in telling the world that Islam is an intolerant religion, because Hizb ut Tahrir's constitution states that apostates from Islam are to be killed once the caliphate is created. There are many in the UK and the Indian migrants can't believe they emigrated to the UK to have to hear these kinds of things they'd expect from Pakistan but definately not in Europe.

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    In The Maldives There Is A Jamma'ah Called "Jammiyathu Salaf" .They Work Very Effectively In The Maldives.

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