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Difficulties the athlete face(要快!!!!!)


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    There are a few people who want to be athletes in Hong Kong. It is because they think that it is very hard to be athletes. They have to get up early and practice a lot. Some of the athletes may practice for few hours before school. And then, they have to practice more after school. The children and teenagers think that they have no time to do and revise books. And they cannot play games and gather with others in their free time. However, can you imagine that it is very satisfying to be an athlete?

    For example, our best althelte, Lee Lai Shan. She is good at wind-surfing. When she was young, she learnt how to play wind-surfing from her uncle. Her uncle was very strict and he always asked her to practice under the strong sun without resting. Lee Lai Shan was obedient and she followed the advice from her uncle. Therefore, she could play wind-surfing well. And then, she has won the gold medal in Olympics in 1996. She said that although it was very hard to be an athlete, she never gave up. At last, she can be a successful athlete.

    All in all, although it is very hard to be an athlete and you may lose your private time and friends. You can have a satisfying result at last. Therefore, do you consider to be an athlete?

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