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20點 幫忙中翻英 請勿用軟體翻

Sony Ericsson W550i 為旋蓋式的音樂手機, W550i 結合 Sony 在 WalkmanR 隨身聽在音樂的專業技術,共同演繹 W550i 臻近完美的音質表現與行動通訊功能。Sony Ericsson W550i 擁有絕佳的音質,同時隨機附贈高品質的 Stereo 立體聲耳機,讓帶耳機聆聽音樂一樣身歷其境。Sony Ericsson W550i 採用最廣泛使用的 MP3 與 AAC 音樂格式,可儲存 256 MB 的音樂檔案。最特別的是,Sony Ericsson W550i 還可透過 Disk2Phone 軟體,從電腦快速轉音樂檔傳輸至手機中,隨時存取最愛的音樂到手機。




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    Sony Ericsson W550i In order to fasten the music cell-phone of the overlaying type, W550i Combine Sony In WalkmanR The walkman is in the professional technique of the music, deduce together W550i The tone quality which become near and perfect displays with the action communication function. Sony Ericsson W550i Have excellent tone quality, enclose and present high quality at random at the same time Stereo earphone, is it bring up earphone listen to music the same body go through his border to let. Sony Ericsson W550i It is most extensively in adoption for the use one MP3 With AAC The form of the music, can store 256 MB Music file. Top special,Sony Ericsson W550i Can also pass Disk2 Phone Software, transfer from computer to music shelf transmit to cell-phone, music liked most to deposit and withdraw at any time reach the cell-phone fast.

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    Sony the is of the W550 of Ericsson is the music cellular phones of the Xuan cover type, W550 is combine Sony in walkman's professional technique in music of WalkmanR and together deduce W550 the is attain near perfect sound quality performance and mobile communication function.Sony the is of the W550 of Ericsson own extremely good of sound quality, random present the high fidelity headphones of high-quality Stereo in the meantime, let to bring headphones to listen music similar experience personally.Sony the is of the W550 of Ericsson adopt to use most extensively of music format of MP3 and AAC, can store the music file with 256 MBs.The most special BE, Sony the is of the W550 of Ericsson can also through Disk2 Phone software, from the computer quickly turn music file to deliver to a cellular phone, the access loves most at any time of music come to hand machine.

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