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類  型:愛情、喜劇

導  演:【貼身情人】馬克勞倫斯

演  員:休葛蘭、茱兒芭莉摩、布萊德嘉瑞特、克莉絲汀強絲頓、坎培爾史考特、海莉班奈特





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    The Chinese mugwort overcomes Si Fulai to agree (rests glaxo to play the part of) is the 80's pop music sing

    er who was mad, at present comes on stage the performance opportunity, only is left over actually remembe

    rs past times the tour concert which the village county fair and the amusement park conduct.After is popula

    r now the song world small day--Carrow Keman asks him to write the song, to invite him together to when s

    ings and transcribes this chorus song, this extremely has the charm, moreover the ability full music person,

    only then finally obtained the turning over to return to the song world the opportunity.However the thorny q

    uestion has come, should several years all have already not written more than half first song, moreover neve

    r fill in the lyrics Chinese mugwort to overcome Si from the start, in be how short how many days in the tim

    e, the end leaves this best-selling song?

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