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One of the goals on education is to be aware people of their potential.


He has tried any medicines whcih are considered as the most effective to headache.


The weather recently is not good and you should take an umbrella wiht you to prevent that you're soaked on the road.


In spite that I have neither money nor girlfriend,I'm not so poor as you imagine.


I think nothing is interesting but watching baseball games every night.


After I read all these valuable information last Friday,I have started to write my reports.


If we take turns to drive, we won't be too exhausted when we get the destination.


University education enables you to get more broad globle view.




1. 第6題後面可以用現在完成式嗎?因為我覺得看起來也有現在還在持續的樣子

2.第8題的「世界觀」一般來講是用global view嗎?或有更常用的字呢?


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    1. One of the goals of education is to make people aware of their potentials.

    2. He has tried the supposed most effective medication.

    3. The weather is not so good recently, you should bring an umbrella with you so you don't get soaked on the road.

    4. Even though I am poor and with no girlfriends, I am not as pathetic as you think.

    5. I think nothing is more interesting than watching baseball games every night.

    6. After I read all the valuable information last Friday,I started writing my reports.

    7. If we take turns to drive, we won't be too exhausted when we get to the destination.

    8. College education enables you to broaden the globle view. (英文通常用college education 代表大學教育)

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    1. One of the goals of education is to let human being know their potential.

    2. He has tried all effective medicines to cure headache.

    3. owing to bad weather, you should bring an umbrella to prevent the rain falling.

    4. Even though I don't have money as well as girlfriends, I am not so poor that you will imagine.

    5. I fell nothing but watching baseball games is my favorite every night.

    6. After reading those valuable information last Friday,I begin to write my reports.

    7. If we take turns to drive, we should not be exhausted till we arrive the destination.

    8. knowledge gained from University broadens your world vision.*****

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    don't 請修正為 do not*****

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    tertiary education.......恩

  • 1 decade ago

    大學教育 tertiary education

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