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索羅門群島於九十六年四月二號發生強烈地震並引發海嘯,造成四十三人死亡,近千人受傷的慘重災情。中華民國政府本諸人溺己溺之人道精神,立即透過我駐所國大使館捐贈20萬美元給索政府振災。此外,由外交部與衛生署共同設立之跨部會任務編輯Taiwan IHA亦同時組派醫療隊,並攜帶200餘公斤藥品於四月五日趕赴索國,在災情最嚴重之吉佐島架設醫療站,與各國際救援組織並肩救援

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    The strong earthquake takes place and cause tsunami on April 2, 1996 in Solomon Islands, cause 43 deaths, the disaster that the nearly one thousand people injured is heavy. Copies of all people, government of the Republic of China, drown own humanity spirit that drown, stay through me country embassy donate 200,000 U.S. dollars ask for government's calamity of shaking immediately. In addition editor of meeting task Taiwan IHA also organize and send the medical team at the same time by between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and person who step that National Health Administration set up together, carry 200 over medicines is it ask for country to rush towards on April 5, a serious one lucky to go with island erect the medical station most in disaster, rescue with every world rescue organization shoulder to shoulder

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