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幫忙我英文翻譯 核對我用法確嗎

How could my reply have become garbled ...

the words I want to tell Sara:

it is very hot. and a few days ago I had heat stroke

Remember to drink plenty of water and take good care of youself or you will be the same as me.

It is very hard for you to do those work. But you still have to make an extra effort

這是我要給一個外國朋友寫的 話

我是想 跟他說

我的回覆 怎麼都成了亂碼.



天氣很熱 幾天前我也中暑了

要記得 也要多喝水 照顧好自己的身體 不然就會跟我一樣

莎拉 還要工作 很辛苦 不過還是要加油喔

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    「it's the thing which i'd like to tell a foreign friend, but my reply was beclouded.

    what i want to tell Sara, it's been very hot these days. i was get a badly heat stroke recently also. Remember to drink enough water and to look after yourself yourself, or you'll be as well as i were. Sara, doing these work isn't that easy, but you still shall work hard!」

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    Why has my reply become garbage characters?

    (actual term is mojibake-from Japanese origins but seldom used.)

    What I wanted to tell you, Sarah, is that...

    The weather is very hot. I suffered a heatstroke a few days ago too.

    Also remember to drink plenty of water.

    Take care of yourself, if not, you will end up like me.

    Sarah, it must be tough for you having to work

    but give it your best shot! (or can say- I will cheer you on..)

    (Note: not sure what you meant by 還要工作 cos your version is a bit different )


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