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There is a TV Series made in Turkey "1001 gece" (1001 nights).?

Can anyone give me the link to a torrent to download it? Or at least a strong DC hub where I can find it. Thank you

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    1001 Night Turkish Series

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    630- it's a good list for spanning many obscure and strange countries. If you don't like subtitles, don't even begin. There are some long films in there (Shoah- a 9 hour documentary about the holocaust, Berlin Alexanderplatz- 15 1/2 hour mini-series, Satantango- 7 1/2 and very slow paced), and a few are impossible to watch (Too Early, Too Late, has never had a release anywhere ever), but it's a good list. Many omissions though. BQ: I would recommend every film Empire Magazine has given five stars to. I have seen 500/600 and they have a better hit rate then most lists. Even titles like 'Excision', 'The Keep' and 'Berberian Sound Studio', which have low IMDB scores (5.8-6.2) are really great films. If you are into Japanese cinema you should watch the Kinema Jumpei top 200. Half of the list is impossible to attain with eng subs, but every film I have seen off it is great.

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