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Do you think D'antoni can turn the knick around?

i think he can and if he did i'll be a knicks fan:))

they just need to change the roster, there was an article that he will get barbosa and diaw thats a good plan and i think they should get deng or gordon, arenas if possible and they can get any from these upcoming free agents Chauncey Billups, Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis, Gerald Wallace, Mike Bibby, Luke Walton, Desmond Mason, Mickael Pietrus, Jason Kapono, Morris Peterson, Grant Hill, Earl Boykins, Andres Nocioni Anderson Varejao, Sasha Pavlovic, Jerry Stackhouse, Steve Blake, Antonio McDyess, Flip Murray, Chuck Hayes, Bonzi Wells, Chucky Atkins, James Posey, Jannero Pargo, Joe Smith, but they still need to trade marbury curry and randolph


Al Jefferson team '08 Emeka Okafor team '08 Nenad Krstic team '08

Andre Iguodala team '08 Gilbert Arenas player '08 Pavel Podkolzin team '08

Andris Biedrins team '08 Gordan Giricek '08 Quinton Ross team '08

Baron Davis player '08 Ira Newble team '08 Radoslav Nesterovic player '08

Ben Gordon team '08 J R Smith team '08 Rafael Araujo team '08

Beno Udrih team '08 Jameer Nelson team '08 Richard Hamilton player '08

Bob Sura '08 Jason Kidd player '08 Ricky Davis '08

Brent Barry '08 Jason Williams '08 Robert Swift team '08

Brian Skinner team '08 Jermaine O'Neal player '08 Ron Artest player '08

Bruce Bowen '08 Josh Childress team '08 Sasha Vujacic team '08

Carlos Arroyo '08 Josh Smith team '08 Sebastian Telfair team '08

Carlos Delfino team '08 Juwan Howard player '08 Shaun Livingston team '08

Corey Maggette player '08 Kenny Thomas player '08 Shawn Marion player '08

David Harrison team '08 Kevin Martin team '08 Steve Francis player '08

Delonte West team '08

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    D'Antoni is not enough. Maybe get rid of the bad apples on that team (which is basically the team itself).

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    I really hope they can, but I read an response by the owner of the suns (kerr i think) and he said that there is no chance he would trade players that were a few steps away from advancing to the next round for the knicks. As for the knicks getting free agents, unfortunately they always overpay the older, slower players. I hope he has some magical solution but no one wants curry randolp or marbury sadly.

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    ok he will because his system is easy for any one with offensive skills. heck i could be a good player in his system. a flip murray and jannero pargo should be signed. they would be the mid-level and be great 1-2 punch in that system. it is a scoring system and those guy are just shooters and scorers. they may need a point guard who is a good passer so i suggest getting derrick rose or dj augustin in the draft. i would then trade curry, balkmen, and 1st round pick to the heat for blount, and first round pick. blounts contract expires in 2 years. just in time for lebron james, d wade, cb4, or melo

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    1. they have no cap room so sign any of the good players up there will be impossible


    2.who in the right mind would want to play for the knicks

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    yes, but they need to get rid of some cancers like marbury and they need to choose between randolph or curry. you cant have two slow @ss guys who play zero defense.

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    It's all positive now, with Isiah out.

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