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good hook for thomas edison essay!!?

please and thank you.<3

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    Thomas Edison is often thought of as one of the greatest inventors who ever lived. He is commonly categorized as the man who invented the first practical incandescent light bulb. Equally important are Edison's 1,093 patents, more than any other individual. His inventions revolutionized our world and changed lives even today. Some of his inventions were improvements on other inventions, like the telephone. On the other hand, some of his inventions he deliberately tried to invent, like the light bulb and the movie projector. However, some inventions he stumbled upon, like the phonograph. Edison invented and improved upon things that transformed our world. Some things he invented by himself. Some things he invented with other people. More importantly, just about all his inventions are things we still use in some form today.

    Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio on February 11, 1847. He was the seventh child of Samuel and Nancy Edison. When Thomas was 7, his family was forced to move to Port Huron, Michigan because of financial problems. As might be expected, Edison there attended school. His teacher, the Reverend G. B. Engle considered Thomas to be a dull student. Thomas especially did not like math.


    Thomas was born February 11, 1847 in Milan Ohio. He was the seventh and last child of Nancy and Samuel Edison. As a child he was very quiet, thoughtful and inquisitive. Because he was not a hardy child he did not attend school until he

    was 7. His teacher thought he was incapable of learning, so his mother who was a teacher took him out of school and started teaching him herself. Thomas Edison had Thomas mother taught him how to think problems out in his mind for

    himself and he also became an avid reader. he first read about chemistry and experiments from an encyclopedia. His great passion for conducting experiments taught him much scientific knowledge. Because of his knowledge other kids teased and started fights with him.


    Thomas Edison was perhaps one of the most diverse, yet influential men of his time for his accomplishments have influenced the world in such a substantial way. He was nicknamed "The Wizard of Menlo Park," for his various intriguing inventions, as well as his expertise in the field of science. Throughout his life time, Edison successfully passed over 1,000 patents, scanning a wide variety of topics. From his knowledge of the motion picture industry, to his successful creation of the phonograph; Edison's inventions were life changing at the time of their creation. Above all other accomplishments, Edison's finest and most notable findings dealt with the field of electricity. His findings were revolutionary, and "by the time he died, entire cities were lit by electricity"(Thomas Alva 1). However, these worldly accomplishments did not come easy for Edison, for he was forced to overcome many obstacles in order to prosper in such a substantial manner. While disappointments frequently stared Edison in the face, he was able to look past them, in order to achieve great success. Despite his lack of education, financial hardships and frequent disappointments, Thomas Edison was undoubtedly able to overcome adversity, and became one of the greatest inventors and industrial leaders in history.

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    Thomas Ava Edison was both a scientist and inventor.Born in 1847 he would see tremendous changes in his lifetime.He was also to be resposible for making many of those changes.

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    good hook for thomas edison essay!!?

    please and thank you.&lt;3

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