Who prepares a trigger point injection?

Ok, this may seem like a really odd question, but it's something I'm really worried about. I'm scheduled to get a trigger point injection in my back tomorrow. I'm wondering who gets that ready, because the nurse at the doctor's office really does not like me. If she gets it ready, I'm afraid she might poison me. This lady seems a little "out there" and I know she doesn't like me. I'm not kidding about this. Does she have access to what's in the injector, or is that only the doctor? I'm afraid if she gets it ready she might do something. Again, I'm dead serious. I'm really worried about it!


I also can't just switch doctors because this is workmans' comp.

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    Hon please try to relax, o.k? I went through a series of those injections for chronic back and leg pain. I can only tell you my experience though but I'm also a nurse..so here goes.

    A nurse took my vital signs and asked a few questions, paper work and all that stuff. then I sat up right on the bed, the doc came in, explained everthing to me, I asked some questions. But he did all the preperations. The medication is already in a prefilled kit, at least mine was. the nurse was strictly there just to assist him and she stood in front of me the whole time. You can ask your doctor what he is giving you and how it is supplied and I bet it came in a kit.

    But I have also had shots in my back at the docs office but again it was from prefilled, ready made from the pharmacy syringes.

    I'll be honest with you. I'm a nurse and there are people that work my last nerve but when I come to work I leave me at the door and it becomes doing the best for the patient I can. You do have the right by law to ask for another nurse and by law should be able to get one. But do relax. No matter how much the nurse is a hateful person to you, she does not want to go to jail. Nurses face that possibility everyday.

    Source(s): Just me and my experience.
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    Wow, we have something in common, I have an injury from over 2 yrs ago (workmans comp) that I have had plenty of trigger point injections for, and Botox as well. My doctor has gotten it ready, her nurse has also gotten it ready. I would talk to your doctor if you are seriously that worried. And yes, you actually can switch doctors in a workmans comp case, I got that straight from BWC when I wasn't happy with my first doctor. Just watch out, because they may accuse you of "doctor shopping" if you have a pain in the butt employer. Good luck!

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    your nurse should not perform TPI's, that should be a PA or the DR. You would have to contact the insurance about switching DR's.

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