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should I start drinking?

Okay, so heres the deal. I don't drink. I don't feel the need to drink or get drunk. I see alcohol and i don't feel like i need to drink it to have fun. I have no problem with people drinking around me and hold nothing against them as long as they don't hold it against me either. The only thing is, if i like someone and find out he drinks its a total turn off. It just makes me think they're not boyfriend material. Now I know most people drink and I wonder if i'm ever going to find someone who doesnt drink just really bothers me when someone I really like does...should I start drinking even tho i don't want to?

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    Why start something you don't want to do just because others do it? That makes no sense. You wouldn't try crack just because others are doing it so don't start drinking. Stick to your own personal standards. Eventually you'll meet someone else that feels exactly the way you do, and they'll appreciate your moral code of honor. Trust. ';-)

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    Me too!! I understand where your coming from, I dont need alcohol to have fun. I can have more fun with out it, hate to say it but most guys drink and party. But, I do know a a couple cuties who don't like alcohol. So be positive, and will find someone who's mature, someone you can enjoy partying with, w/o the fear of him throwing up on you!

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    I don't think you should.

    I drink sometimes, and I personally wouldn't date a girl that didn't drink. Don't know why, it is actually a turn off to me to find a girl that doesn't drink.

    However, that doesn't mean that there aren't guys out there that don't drink. You just haven't found them yet.

    If you ask me, I would say don't start drinking just to "fit in". It's not worth it... Find good friends that won't pressure you into drinking, and you will eventually find someone who doesn't A) Care if you drink. And B) Drink himself, perhaps.

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    Take in consideration that some people only drink occasionally or socially and some others drink every day. I don't mind if he drink occasionally but I won't like someone that drinks every day. Don't give up.

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    No! You dont need to drink. Drinking is bad for everyone even the people who dont participate. It leads to all kinds of problems and dangers. Dont do that to yourself and dont look for a boyfriend who does. Stay strong.

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    I barely drink, and I found a guy who has never been drunk and doesnt like to drink either.

    Theyre out there, dont compromise yourself.

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    if you don't want to why would you do it??

    you just end up with a messed up liver!

    there still guys that don't drink....

    you got to accept the guy even thought he drinks...

    still there some guys that drinks but doesn't drink a lot... and they really fun to be with

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    No, don't start. I married a guy that was suppose to only have a beer or two, later he started staying out all night & then staying gone for days. he became violent &I moved back in with my parents. Alcohol is a bad habit to start. You're better without trying it. I know.

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    You just answered your question at the end of your paragraph. If you don't want to then don't. Not even to impress anyone. You will find someone who can make you happy whether they drink or not.

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    i completely agree with you because im going through the same thing. dont worry about drinking. what i always say to myself is, "you dont need to drink in your life. there are better things to do than to drink in your life." most people drink just to getdrunk and crazy. i dont need that cuz im already crazy and fun to be with. dont start drinking cuz there are also consequences to it. if you wanna live longer, then make the right choice.

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