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Is it possible that sea serpents can exist?

There have been myriad accounts of sea goers and their encounters with creatures unbeknownst to the world. There are reported attacks, harmless sightings, or mysterious carcasses washing ashore. The descriptions range from horned serpents, to long and horse like head serpents..Haithe "serpents" are said to swim in an undulating manner, unlike the side-to-side motion of fish. Like Ogopogo, the Loch Ness Monster, Champ, and all those other serpents that have been supposedly sighted......But the reported sightings date back as early as the 1400's, so if sightings so old have been recorded, wouldn't it be true, and wouldn't sea serpents be able to exist in the ocean?

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    Anything is possible, and dare I say probable. Its a great big wide world. There are so many unexplored caves, caverns, places that have probably been buried by earthquake, erosion, etc, etc. There are, no doubt many creatures we probably don't know about, big and small. The oceans take up most of the world. Surely much of it has been mostly unexplored. There are just places we as humans haven't been able to reach yet. Regardless of how much like the serpents of lore the beasts may look, it seems unfair to think they might not exist because nobody has gotten a really good look at one. There have been sightings and some (although not very clear) pictures...just because the exact description is vague, doesn't mean they don't exist.

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    The key here is that the vast majority of these sightings occurred closer to the 1400's when most stories grew and grew as they were told. Thus a sea manatee became a mermaid and a partially submerged blue whale became a sea monster. On the other hand Loch Ness Monster is bascially a perpetuated lie to keep the tourists coming.

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    Not only possible, but confirmed. One species is called _Hydrophis spiralis_.

    In addition, there are other creatures such as manatees, whales, giant squid, and sturgeons that can be mistaken for sea serpents.

    Yes, sturgeons.

    N.B. The Loch Ness monster is imaginary. The loch has been scoured top to bottom, more than once, and not only hasn't a Nessie been cornered, scientists haven't found enough biomass in the loch to feed them. The loch's anomalies all have prosaic explanations, and the one photograph is a known fake.

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    There are strange animals in the ocean. The giant squid, for example.

    In days of yore sailors spun tales about these animals and called them serpents.

    Scientists have searched with sophisiticated equipment for the Loch Ness monster and not found it.

    So don't think of the Loch Ness monster. Think of a giant squid...there is plenty of evidence that they attack ships.

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    Entirely possible. The sea is Earth's final frontier; the scientific community talks a good fight, but the truth is it really knows very little about deep sea life at this time.

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    I imagine they could, but with the pollution man has spit into the oceans, I doubt much will survive for any length of time, any aquatic being.

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    There would be fossils if they had ever existed, Doubtless, they do exist in the primeval seas of other planets of other solar systems.

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    Who knows, we can't search the whole sea.

    But if there's such a thing, surely there'd be more reliable evidence?

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    I think they could. The ocean is huge and maybe that's why we haven't been able to conclusively see them.

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