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Legos. Too cool for it?

You may say yes... But the real answer is, LEGOS ARE TOO COOL FOR YOU!!! Now, if you think Legos are for babies and wimps, you are VERY mistaken there. It may be a toy to some. To me it's a hobby, pastime, stress reliever, building medium. I've made many good creations in Lego. Other people have made even better. For example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/75432225@N00/sets/721... Now, you may say it sucks just because you think nothing good can come out of Lego. However, you know, truly, it is an amazing piece of art. You may say it isn't bad, that if you really wanted to, could to better. It may be true, but I doubt it. That creation is one of the best. Don't deny it. So, now. Are you too cool for Lego, or is Lego too cool for you? You know the right answer, deep down, Lego is not just a toy for kids and wimps.

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    I totally agree with you! It has been out for many many years now and iv'e still got the same lego my Mum played with, it's very collectable too. I love making cars and houses! And the little people you can get! Haha, amazing it is and the things you can do with it :O i love it, nothing will EVER replace lego :)

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    Legos are amazing. We make our school projects with legos all the time. They're fun to play. I love them.

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    I still play with LEGOs because it calms me down aftera hard day.

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    it's gona rain!

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